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Thursday, 7 October 2010
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I moved desks recently. It was and still is quite uncomfortable. I’m one of those sad cases, one of the ones who need their little happy space to create and manipulate wonderful magic into design. Anyway, it got me thinking a lot about what my desk at home should look like. Or at least what id wish it to look like.

A desk is only really one part of the package. The entirely of the working environment makes the office. The colour, feeling, environment, it all enhances the emotion and creative which goes into your work.

Some of the looks I like are rather simple. I love natural, light colours. I also like area’s that can inspire me. Of course being a creative this is highly important. I also love clean and unobtrusive design. An area that wont absorb my inspiration but rather encourage it.

The most important thing is a window. Windows are important to me for numerous reasons.  I like.... love light! I love seeing the world grow around me, I love seeing natures little animals scurry and play while I work. I love to see green and growth, the weather and a changing picture.

The last few things I would like in my office would include a pin board for little bits and bobs, a fish bowl with a fish names Edith (yes after the singer- my favourite) and perhaps a little fridge to keep milk in for my tea and homemade biscuits. Yes. 

What inspires you? What makes your working environment yours?


PS. Please do not take move my pens...


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