Weekend Learning's

Monday, 25 February 2013
Touch, feel, fall, gift, love.
 Unfortunately when you have a job like mine (Designer n. workaholic dog) sometimes I have to skip a week of Weekend Learning's simply because I do not have a minute to myself. And the few minutes I do have I plan to nap. So this is going to be a double Weekend Leaning's with flickers of Valentines weekend and this previous weekend to catch up on it should be a goodie. This is what I leaned;
  • It is easy to love Valentines Day day when the one you love, loves you back.
  • "There was something breathtaking about the way you said my name."
  • Morning's With You. "I slowly wake as day is dawning to fingertips and lips imploring, The sheets against my skin he says- like wrapping paper on Christmas morning." -Lang Leav. How gorgeous! Lips imploring, prr!           
  • Someone again told me that I rock myself when I stand and talk. Why do people keep telling me this?
  • Did you know Mountain Dew was originally made to be mixed with Whiskey. This ill try this…
  • "My favourite place is inside your hugs."
  • The fruit of the Spirit is; love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Yes Coco need a lot more coconut in her fruit salad.
  • I love puppy training. And I have to say that Pekingese have the cutest little figures. Their cute little legs and gorgeous little faces, just love them! Sweethearts!
  • Woody from Toy Story has a last name and it is 'Pride'… Woody Pride… giggle.
  • I'm not totally convinced I know what I'm doing anymore. I feel like I am at a crossroads and it's either left, right or into the dark scary forest and I kind of want to go into the dark scary forest... This is scarier than going into the scariest forest.
  • "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder." - Rumi
  • Watching Rugby is one of the South African traditions I love to do. The whole experience from the drive, the war cries, the chips. It is just too fun.
  • When you plan to spend a day doing something you looked forward to for a long time and it is ruined by a tradition you have grown to hate, it is crazy how my mood literally goes from gold to black.  
  • On that note - It is amazing how quickly your mood can change, how deep your heart can sink and how much one person can affect you.
  • "Open your heart. Love is on the way." - Jude 1. 
  • "It was rather beautiful; the way he put her insecurities to sleep. The way he dove inside her eyes and starved all the fear and tasted all the dreams she kept coiled beneath her bones." - Christopher Poindexter.
Have an amazing week lovelies, take it by the horns!

PS. "I think I'll miss you forever, like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies." - Lana

We are all already broken... let your jaw meet the floor in perfect awe. Oh Tyler.

Valentine's Wants Part 2

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Make her yours by giving unique gifts, thoughtful love.

Gone are the days of heart candies, lacy lingerie and bouquet of red roses delivered by a suitor in a bow tie. No. In Twenty-thirteen woman want real, useful, luxurious… well I do.

A lot has changed since last year. Wow was Coco pettish! For the first time ever I am looking forward to the eluded Valentines Day. For no reason other than I have a fantastic boyfriend and I know what ever we do we will die laughing and it will be like any other night in our relationship, full of love.

For the rest who have no idea what to do, perhaps we should start with gifts. Coco is here to help.

Hanging Orchid, stunning.
  • Boskke hanging planters. So you want to get her flowers. Can we not be a little more creative? How about an upside down hanging orchid? I myself have one. Not an orchid I have a different plant but that’s because I neded something a little shorter. And I love her! Why is this a great gift? It is unique, she'll talk about it to her friends (major friend points here!) and every time she looks at it, it'll remind her of you. Top of mind guy! The orchid is also a symbol of luxury, with a sense of magnificence and artful splendor, with orchids representing rare and delicate beauty. Yes ladies like to feel magnificent!
Cappuccino cup and saucer in wood.
  • Love Milo. Nature inspired homeward and décor. So I love a little cup of tea or coffee. And most if not all women love house gifts. These cups, mugs tea pots and more are just organically stunning and sophisticated. You could even be SUPER cute and get the message mug and write her a little "I heart you" message on her cuppa. There are also pillows, candle holders (romantic!) and glass tumblers all bird, branch or bug inspired with wooden touches. Confident and elegant!
White Tea, smells of wood fires, flowers, tea and fruitcake, yum.
  • True Grace Candles. Now on the romantic candle note from the last note, a little romance never killed anyone on Valentines but lets try not do the generic red candies and heart chocolates. True Grace is an England based company who supply luxury candles scents and sniffs. You can select by product, collection, season or fragrance which range from Bonfire to Iris to Seashore to Velvet! These are great if you know your lady loves a certain scent. I love the Parlour ( wood fires, flowers, tea and fruitcake, yum) and White tea (soft warm rose and vanilla). Hyde Park Corner stocks them smelly delights. Mmm.
Atrophaneura semperi albofasciata real butterfly wing cluster pendant
  • Papillon Belle Jewellry. Butterflies and Jewellry? Gosh what woman wouldn't want some of this beauty adorning her? I first saw once of these pieces on a friend of mine. She has the Skeleton Butterfly Wing Charm Pendant. Handmade locally they are delicate, elegant and feminine. I really cannot stop staring at it whenever I see her. Looking at their website they also have REAL wings in glass. Okay now I really want one! They are gorgeous!!! This is Coco's choice!
Puuring cute design and hell of a useful.
  • Tall Tail Silver-plated Ring Holder. Now this might seem like an odd one. But this weekend I went to a dear friends Kitchen Tea and one of the gifts she received was this. What a lovely gift! I thought. It is a silver-plated cat with a really long tail. You can keep it in the kitchen or the bathroom or next to your bed to keep your rings. I need this. I really do. Most of my rings, except for one, I take off while cooking. And I have a lot of rings and I often myspace them. Especially if you're getting a Valentines for your wife this would make an ideal gift. 
An instant camera in Red, done!
  • Polaroid Compact Instant Analog Camera PIC300R, in sexy Red. For our Lady nerds out there… yes I'm one shut up. What better way to record your romantic memories than with an instant camera. These new little Polaroids are super cute and party ready. Also they've also got mad friend clout and there is nothing better than a party with a Polaroid! Winning! Say cheese!
So gents here you go. Something for every woman. And no, we're not just worth it (worst payoff line ever!) we deserve it.


PS. Do what you love and do it often, especially if she gives as good as she gets… yea Coco is cheeky, and proud to be.

Don't forget it guy... or she might forget you!

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
La Joie De Vivre, The joy of living. Love has everything to do with this.

I can truly say this weekend started with a bang. One of the biggest storms Jozi has every had. Coco was scared. Good thing I had two strong arms securely around me just in case. I hope you did too! This is what I learned;
  • When it's raining in the afternoon and you see the sun peaking through and you run from window to window looking for a rainbow... Yip I'm that girl, and trust me, I always find that rainbow.
  • We accept the love we think we deserve. Some people think they deserve trash clearly.
  • My hair is finally 'long'. It is no longer short, a little longer than mid length, long enough to do all those styles with bobby pins and the likes… yay me.
  • Gelish. It is gel nail varnish. I just had french done on my fingers and toes. The verdict is still out. But apart from the fact that it takes a hell of a long time it looks pretty and last a lot longer… Coco verdict to follow.
  • My boyfriend and a lot of my friends boyfriends are Warriors! I am so proud. A 6km obstacle course, including lots of mud, teamwork, roasties, torn clothing, sun burns, sore muscles and an ecstatic team of 8 "Mid Mid-life Crisis" men with dog tags, dirty faces, proud girlfriends and huge white shiny teeth smiles… it was an awesome experience, good on you boys! Muddy kisses are totally worth it ^_^
  • "You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free." -Thich Nhat Hahn
  • The Tashas le parc Macaroons are to die for. Unfortunately I base this on two quickly eaten strawberry and pistachio samples of heaven. But it was not only the taste. It was also the packaging. Being a designer I am very critical when it comes to the delivery of goods and this was a delight! 10 points Tashas! Find them at Hyde Park Corner, Shop U29.
  • Kitchen Tea's. Some love them some hate them. I admire the ones like the one I attended for my dear old Friend Ash and her fantastic fiancé Guy where both wife and husband to be are involved. I am too excited to see how your beautiful life blossoms together sweet friends.
  • Do what is right not what is easy. It'll work itself out it the end, I am thankful that I can have faith in these things. They work because it is meant to be.
  • My new favourite flavor of Wakaberry is… drum roll please… COCONUT! Oh it is yum. Cold, subtle and of course snow white and delicious. Creamy heaven. Bring it to meeee.
  • Find someone who'll never get tired of kissing you everyday, who'll hug you when you're jealous, who'; keep silent when you're mad who'll hold your hand when you're scared and who'll plan and imagine their future with you in it. And when you find that someone, just never let them go!
Do what you love this week, after all it is Valentines week, *wink wink!


PS. Between the sheets...

Gorgeous! Desire.

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 6 February 2013
Lovers gona love, yes I will.

First weekend of February, the month of love, and a good first weekend it was. Kicked off Thursday with my favourite girls and so the weekend eased in with Friday dinner with my love and then just a little concert by this band of four guys… you may know them… the F*CKING RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS! Eeek! Amazing! This is what I learned;
  • Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering. - I melt!
  • Sometimes you get so used to a certain kind of sushi, or you just know what you like, that all others are… not so great anymore. I love Rainbow in Norwood, their veg fashion sandwiches are the best! Go now or forever eat mediocre sushi. They're also the same chain as Ruby in Parkhurst, yes you understand now.
  • "We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade." - Caroline Sheridan Norton. A quote which so well describes the women I hold dear to my heart these days. They'll stick with me even if (God forbid) I'm ever in the shade again.
  • Sometimes I just want to go for breakfast and look closely at the menu and have someone tell me that I should eat something sweet or savory. Just to have someone think for me and make a decision for me so it cuts out a whole lot of decision making. It is nice. Simple. That is all.
  • Coco's concert shoes of choice? Superga's. They're sturdy, gorgeous, a good brand, well designed and the hard bit in the front protects your french pedi and toes while you are jumping, or getting jumped on in Golden Circle. Victory? Yes.
  • I waited over 10 years to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and was the wait worth it? Totally!
  • "Athazagoraphobia" (n.) the fear of forgetting being forgotten or ignored, or being replaced.
  • Panties with satin bows, pretty.
  • “Will you be my breeze, if I’m your open window? Make my curtains dance.” - Tyler Knott. In fact he has been so epic this week he's getting two today on this weeks Leaning's. Ka-ching! “The craving for you, never seems to slow itself, never seems to stop.” This I can comprehend.
  • I have very smart friends, yes I do! And two of them just created Foxy Box! What is this you ask? Foxy Box is a monthly subscription where you receive a sexy goodie filled treasure chest of adult products for you to enjoy with, or without a partner. For the first time ever Coco WANTS to open Pandora's Box! Sign Coco up luscious ladies! Prrr!
Have a lovely week little button noses.

PS. "I hadn't told them about you, But they saw you bathing in my eyes. I hadn't told them about you, But they saw you in my written words. The perfume of love cannot be concealed." - Nizar Qabbani. Your words Nizar, perfection. 

Love means... loving imperfections.

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