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Tuesday, 24 May 2011
Play me a song you're a figgy man... on camera... mmm.
With the amount of work I am doing last week was a ‘no blog zone’. Unfortunately work comes first. Sorry guys! This is what I learned this weekend.

  • Working late on a Friday night is actually fun if you share the same music taste as the other person working late with you.
  • I like zucchini on pizza. Just another way to eat my favourite vegetable.
  • When your hair was as long as mine (we’re talking waist length) cutting it to your ears and dying it another colour is a huge step, and feels f*cking awesome! 
  • You can donate your hair to Cancer to, go to Locks of Love for details. 
  • Out with the old, in with the new Coco.
  • A simple vanilla cake with a topping of figs, honey and mascarpone is to die for! *recipe to follow.
  • I love figs.
  • Sometime you just have to take a leap/chance/risk and hope it pays off. My track record shows it does...
  • Art classes in Jozi town must be one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Win! 
  • I am mad about Carla Bruni. Her song Quelqu'un M'a Dit is on repeat... right now!
  • I like it when artists mix pencil and tec stuff like the above Sony HVR-V1U in 2B. Cool.
  • Andiccio24 still makes the best pizza... The dough is freshest between 2am and 4am... Yes they’re 24 hours for my dying sins, yay!
  • I love cupboards with chicken-wire instead of glass, can I have yours?
  • Working on Sunday is not so bad if you work with lovely people and with a red velvet cupcake in hand. 
  • I am MAD excited to see Jonny Depp in 3D... Mmmm mmm MMMMM!
  • I don’t really know the path my life is taking but all I know is happiness is the common thread and I love it.

PS. I want to learn to play the Banjo, just so I can say; “Hi, I’m Coco the Banjo player...”

Hello, this is me and my new crop, banjo playing.

Weekend Learning's

Monday, 9 May 2011
Dark clothing, mice, horses food and pretty boys... prrr!
Starting the weekend with drinks at the office (*at 2pm) can often result in an eventful and exciting Friday night. Although with the winter chill hitting Jozi I find myself clinging to the couch and begging her to wrap me up and lock me in its padded arms forcing me to watch Project Runway reruns... Sigh. This is what I learned:
  • Swallowing your pride and being the better person is actually much easier than one thinks.
  • Leopard print is flipping all over the place on the Jozi night scene. I like it, but in subtle flashes. That leopard cat-suit is a no-no... yikes!
  • I love Master Chef Australia. Yes the theme song is cheesier that that guys cowboy boots and the judges are all derivatives of forgotten cartoon personalities but I love it! It is educational as well as riveting...
  • The Super in Parkhurst is wonderful. Delicious, quirky and comforting, Saturday mornings will always be tasty.
  • Boudin Blanc is a white sausage mainly consisting of white meat... Very interesting... I will make chipolata’s.
  • Winter makes me want to wear a lot of grey and black. This does not make me EMO!
  • I want a Hermes Pegasus lock for my travel bag.
  • I am madly in love with the ‘Mickey Ribbon Stool’. She was first unveiled at milan design week 2010. Gorgeous! Must have...
  • I think Vampire Diaries is so lame... But hell those boys are pretty!!!!!
  • I love my pup is my little heart. And his Mothers day gift of shredded brown packet and cute little growl was the best gift I could have asked for.
  • My Mother is amazing! Check out her website {here}

PS. Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life...

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 3 May 2011
This is my home... Isn't she lovely!
Spending this last weekend in the bush with friends and family was joyous. I still think (*hope) that one day I will own a place in the bush. Maybe it is because I love the animals or the nature or the smells or the feeling, but I can easily say that I would rather have a holiday in the bush than by the sea. For my international followers, a “bush” holiday is when you go into the “wild” of our lands (this being game reserves and such) and you spend time learning and exploring the wonders of nature, enjoying the natural beauty that is an African Dream.

So this Weekend Learning’s is an ode to Africa and this is what I learned;

  • Do not forget your GPS when you go somewhere new...
  • I love acacia trees so much!! They are too beautiful.
  • Night Spotting is hysterical...
  • When lying in the bath listening to baboons screaming, I feel a little scared. Apparently they’ve learned how to open doors and with no fence they literally come and knock on your window! Eeeek!
  • I still like fizz-balls and if they’re full of Rooibos all the better.
  • A boma dinner in front of the camp fire with blankies and camp chairs is romantic.
  • Game driving to a lunch spot in the middle of the African plains is surreal, getting there and seeing an African storm coming is a disaster! Finding shelter in a dilapidated farm house... Priceless!
  • Poncho’s are a thing of genius.
  • Seeing rhino's made me realise what monsters poachers are... Go to STOP Rhino Poaching {here} to help!
  • Seeing a giant male Lion paw print as you’re jumping out of the Landy to bush walk kinda FREAKS you out! Especially when it is the size out my head...
  • I love African patterns, from giraffe pattern pillows to grass woven bowls to decorated calabashes, they inspire me.
  • Gin and Tonic is, and always will be, the BEST bush drink and next to a watering hole for sundowners is divine.
African glossary for you:
  • acacia trees: A tree or shrub (genus Acacia) of the pea family that bears spikes or clusters of yellow or white flowers and is frequently thorny and flat topped.
  • Night Spotting: Night game drives when a spot light is used to look for animals.
  • Rooibos: South African shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make an herbal tea.
  • Boma: A boma is a livestock enclosure, a stockade or kind of fort, used in modern times as an enclosed area to sit and eat.
  • Game Drive: A safari. A trip into the wild to see animals in their own enviroment.
  • Poncho: A garment in a tent style, esp. a waterproof one worn as a raincoat.
  • Landy: Term of endearment for a large green Safari Land Rover.
  • Calabash: An evergreen tropical American tree (Crescentia cujete, family Bignoniaceae) that bears fruit in the form of large woody gourds.
  • Sundowners: Drinks taken at sundown.

PS. I love you Africa, be mine? STOP Rhino Poaching!!!!
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