Pantone Tarts

Thursday, 28 June 2012
How divine, how divine!?
So what? I'm a designer and I love Pantone. If I didn't there would be something wrong with me. In fact, if a pastry chef didn't like puff pastry, wouldn't you think that it was weird? Yes. Well I like pastry too. In fact, before I was good at designing, I wanted to be a chef. Yip… a chef. And yes I can cook! Psh. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

So when designer-meets-chef what do you get? Me probably, a confused blogger who has a pseudo name "Coco"… or a pantone tart? Yes! How divine. Shocked I didn't think of this myself actually.

French food designer Emilie De Griottes has come up with dessert tarts that resemble Pantone color swatches for French culinary magazine Fricote. Griottes uses everyday foods such as berries, bananas and candies for the respective colors, and marks each tart with the Pantone color represented. An imaginative take on the classic colour chips, perhaps Griottes can make tarts for each swatch? Mmm yum much! Ill eat those with my Pantone book thanks!


PS. Color me Coco!

Red berry beautiful!

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
Red, the color or warmth, I can't get enough it seems.
Brrr! But it was a cold one this weekend. Johannesburg even had some rain! Poor honey! Feeling a little under the weather? She still produced beautiful city memories. This is what I learned;
  • Don't keep a girl guessing too long, she's sure to find the answer somewhere else. Or in my case, I'm bound to get bored and find something more interesting.
  • I'm having a little love affair with feathers at the moment…
  • Sometimes I get so lost in my new journey with someone that I end up getting hurt and fall behind, tattered and bruised by the damage. It's not because they meant to hurt me its because they are just are so deep within their own journey that they forgot to strap me into the seat next to them and take me with. And no one can really be blamed for that… can they?
  • My Granny once told me; "if he knows how you make you blush by just looking at you, you should probably keep him around." I think I might be keeping you around a little longer…
  • The Lone Ranger, my dear friend, can still get a crowd of complete strangers to sing and dance together as though they were the oldest of friends. Saturday was awesome Ray! Check out some of his stuff on his site {here}
  • It scares me how women don't keep their toes perfectly pedicured in their designer boots. Just because they are hidden away in Winter doesn't mean they shouldn't be looked after… cave women!
  • The bond I share with my favourite girls is totally unbreakable and it shines through like the lighthouse I had been looking for for so long.
  • Really great sushi is hard to beat. Tokyo Star in Greenside still surprises me with how divine and well priced their sushi is. Yumichi!
  • Sundays are for watching funny pups in the park, British humor and back tickles.
  • As you know I listen to a lot of Florence and the Machine's. Loving their old stuff too, especially the depths of the lyrics; "I said, hey, girl with one eye, I'll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry." mmm hmmm. You better believe it. *wink.
  • I didn't actually do anything new this weekend and that’s okay. When you have perfect company and perfect venues, who needs something new? Not I said Jemima Pie.
Keep warm cuddles and keep it tidy.


PS. Sharing a couch with your besties, talking about happinesses. ;)

... now please.

Friday Inspire!

Friday, 22 June 2012


PS. Because your friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine.

The Good Luck Club

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Menu cover, lovely design!
The other day someone called me a foodie. Now I have heard this term before but never targeted at myself.

"Why?" I inquired.
"Because all you ever write about on your blog is food Coco!"

Mmm not quite. But with this statement I did so happen to realize that I never do reviews on restaurants anymore and what a shame that is. Since I do, in almost every Weekend Learning's, mention at least one coffee shop or restaurant and I eat out with wonderful company a minimum of twice a week. I should probably write about my experiences in the greater johannesburg area… right? Yes. Well here goes.

From top left, the beef basil heaven, the chichen dim sum, the
cute cactus on our tables and the 'save-your-life' Wolves cheese cake.

The Good Luck Club.

Everyone knows my favourite spot in town is Wolves. So when I discovered they were opening a noodle bar (second favourite thing!) I almost pitched a tent and camped outside with my bowl waiting for samples. I didn't… But I wasn't disappointed when I did eventually make it through the doors.

Walls adorned with kitty cats in top hats, tiny cactus table décor, a vintage bar and classic hipster overall design this place is the ultimate smile and enjoy your dindin's spot. With unique yummy starters like Chicken, Celery and Spring Onion Dim Sum and Prawn and Avo Spring Rolls, starters are a must.

I have to be honest I have only tried two of the mains. I have been there a total of six times now. I have tried the Ginger Plum Chicken and wasn't a fan, it was too sweet for me. But the Crisp Twice Fried Beef with Basil… oh my gosh. Yes I have had it five times and plan to have it again tomorrow night when I go there again. Di-VINE! Other friends have informed me that the Yellow Potato curry is to die for and the Peanut Sauce is a must as a side order.

When desserting I won't venture further than ordering Wolves's famous Cheescake, I swear by it to save lives and fix broken hearts.

Good to know booking is a must you can call them {here} and Lunch & Dinner - Tuesday – Saturday and Lunch only – Sunday.

Go there now, see you tomorrow night!


PS.  Take me to the Noodle bar baby ^_^

The Famous Four do The Good Luck Club.

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 19 June 2012
I still remember... why don't you?
I spent this weekend surrounded by love with my family in Swellendam for my big sisters wedding. It was interesting trying to be all hopped up on love when i had a little black raincloud following me around. This is what I learned;
  • It is amazing how constantly cold I feel now that you're gone.
  • "Groaking" is an act of watching people eat food hoping they'll offer you some. I see this sometimes on the plane… it freaks me out! Get your own!
  • Augusta De Mist is the most divine little romantic guest house ever! Loved it! Thank you Michel and Henk it was amazing! Future suiters, take me here please.
  • The wines of Danie de wet and De Wetshof are delicious, I learned a lot here, Sav tells you the region Chardonnay tells you the soil… and I don't like Chardonnay grown in gravel… sour.
  • “Angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.” F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)
  • My family is so amazing… it consists of me, my sister, my mum and dad, my half big sister and here fiancé, my two half brothers, one of them is married with my angel 5 year old niece and the other has a gorgeous girlfriend. Then my dads mad brother and his two crazy girls, my cousins. A grand total of 14 Sampsons! Eish… good times!
  • Sometimes I wish that we could all live in one big house together…
  • I always cry at weddings. So do all the Sampson women in my family, its quite a treat to see us all silently sobbing… then all laughing at each other sobbing.
  • Every woman's heart has different instructions. They're written through her eyes, in her smile, through her actions and in her tears.
  • My big sister made the perfect bride, and her fiancé is the perfect new brother. Now I have three! Lucky much!
  • Random fact, Iguanas can and do commit suicide… I for a moment wanted to be an Iguana when I thought about the prospect of going back to reality hell hole… not feeling the love much back here in joburg, sob.
  • One of the hardest decisions you'’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder… I think the harder problem is when he walks away from you, and you stand, watching and he doesn't look back. Break.
Have a good week there cotton wools.


PS. “Heart, we will forget him… You and I, tonight! You must forget the warmth he gave, I will forget the light.” Emily Dickinson :(

My sister and my new brother! Mazeltov! xx

An Ode to Handholding

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My sister is getting married this weekend and I recently lost the hand I love to hold. So of course the world is throwing lots of beautiful images of paws at me. Clutching in love? Happily palm warming each other? Yes, it is the best feeling in the world.

To get it out of my system I decided to do a post. Wikipedia is too cute! She reads; "Holding hands is a form of physical intimacy involving two or more people. It may or may not be romantic. People hold each others hands, or one person takes the hand of another person for the following reasons or purposes:
in various rituals:
  • handshaking
  • in certain religious services, to pray
  • in various religious rituals
  • to express friendship or love
  • to enjoy physical intimacy (not necessarily of erotic character)
  • for emotional support
  • to guide (a child, a blind person, in darkness, etc.)
  • to urge to follow
  • to keep together (in a crowd or in darkness)
  • to help the other walk, stand or climb up
  • to dance
  • to maintain one's balance
  • to arm wrestle
  • for safety when crossing the street
  • while sky diving
  • to rescue in a dangerous situation by pulling someone to safety
  • to compare size or shape of another's hand."

I specially love my favourite poet Tyler Knott Gregson's little post on hand holding;

"Because as much as we’ve reduced the emotional impact of sex through the last few decades, we haven’t diluted the power of simply holding hands. It still holds the same weight, and the same tug of the same butterflies as it did when we were 13 and just figuring it all out."

Beautiful. Enjoy the images and having your hands warmed by your loved ones... I'm going out to buy some gloves.


PS. “His hand glides down my arm, folds over my hand. His fingers lace with mine, palms kissing. I can feel the fast thud of his heart through this single touch.”
Sophie Jordan, Firelight

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 12 June 2012
Yes please.
 Weekends drenched in a paler shade of a past hurt always cower with pain. This last weekend last year was one of my best friends birthdays. A pleasant memory yes, if only he was still with us today. Emotional weekends missing people are emotional weekends at their least, this is what I learned;
  • That moment when you find a blog you love so much you almost want to cry with every picture. Thank you Bippity Boppity Boo for reminding me that imagery is beautiful. Amazing.
  • This time last year everything was so SO different. And I only see it now, so SO wrong.
  • Starbucks uses the ground-up bodies of insects as a dye for their Strawberry Frappuccinos. So... Those arnt really vegetarian are they? Ew.
  • I love that Nirvana's song titled "Dumb" has the lyrics; "I think I'm dumb, Or maybe just happy" sometimes I really do wonder which one I am. Totally naive when I'm happy too… never. again.
  • You realize how much it means to you when you feel it slip away.
  • In French, cotton candy is called "Barbe á papa," literally meaning "dad's beard."
  • If I want to party in town, I will party in town and damn you who try to stop the frantic blonde!
  • Basorexic is an overwhelming desire to kiss… I like this.
  • Im mad obsessed with Florence And The Machine's "Never Let Me Go". Its one of those seemingly happy love songs which has a very dark and depressing darker meaning. Maybe it is as deep as the sea… typical that this would be my favourite song NOW of all times.
  • CottonOn has by far the best collection of boots I have seen in a long time. Those ankle-round toe-thick-short-wooden heels I was looking for 2 years ago with long tassle zip detail? They flipping had them! I know!
  • "The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved- loved for ourselves, or rather, loved in spite of ourselves." Victor Hugo.
  • I often feel like I always have to look after everyone. I don't know what it is in me that wants to help everyone. Its exhausting… when is someone going to come a long and look after me?
  • It is always when I am really happy that I know its coming… and that nice warm fluffy rug gets pulled out from under me and I hit the cold concrete floor of reality, hard. Sore and ouch.
  • Wishing Nyiko a very Happy Birthday today… wish you were here, I miss you.
Have a good week angels, hope its warm and bubbly up there in the clouds, miss it.


PS. Worthless- Having no real value or use. (Of a person) Having no good qualities; deserving contempt.

And I'll go to sleep with a broken heart.

Baby it's Cold Outside

Friday, 8 June 2012

Baby its cold outside. Yes it is. And there are plenty of reasons to retire indoors. You want to hear some of Coco's? Fine I'll tell you, but only because I think you're great.
  • There is nothing better than a warm pot o' tea. I'm addicted to Eve's Instant Honeyed Ginger Tea. You can add it to your green tea as well. I drink it just as is, so yummy and great for winter and to ward off little colds.
  • Stripey pumps. Stripy pumps are in full rage at Mr Price and I'm smitten with their cuteness.
  • Leg warmers. Yes this is a weird one. But its too cold to wear those lovely stripey pumps alone so whipping on some leg warmers over your jeans or leggings looks great. Warning; stick to similar hues of colour for example I do super dark blue (almost black) jeggings black leg warmers and dark red and black striped pumps. Also I don't have those nice skinny beanpole legs a lot of girls have so the darker the more slimming- better with the addition of all the knitting of the leg warmers. Fun!
  • Reintroducing myself to Bon Iver. Nothing better than listening to some good music snuggly and warm in the arms of someone gorgeous. They sound like an abandoned house far away only housing two people with the same smile. And guess what?The word Bon Iver is derived from the french phrase bon hiver meaning "good winter" or "have a good winter". If that isn't a good sign then I don't know what is! Grab a warm body and close your eyes...
  • Wolves. Whether it's tea, coffee, wine, cake, art, boardgames or a band on a Thursday it's the perfect place to stop for a bite or a beer. Shelter from the cold has never looked / tasted / sounded this good. Total addict, always will be.
  • Creaming myself up in this fry weather. Hand cream is a must! Healing Hands Lime Tree Extract and Grape Seed Oil is my ultimate favourite! The smell is unbelievable and its SPF 15. Divine!
  • Spending more time with my loved ones. Summer tends to drive me to the corners of the city to explore and be the true sun baby I am. Winter on the other hand makes me want to be close to people. And only people I admire and love. One of those little people (yes he's my little person) is my Pekingese Louis. I recently joined the Pekingese Rescue of South Africa. Reading a lot of the stories made me burst into tears. If you're looking for a little love to warm your lap and your heart this winter please go {here} and adopt a Peke like my Louis. I promise you will always be warm and you will be saving the life of one of the relations of the fluffy angel who daily warms my life. Blessed.
  • My sisters wedding. Yes my big sister is getting married! I cannot wait for next weekends family overload in beautiful Swellendam. A small wedding with only family and the closest of friends, celebratory perfection. Not to mention I really need a break. 
  • A fireplace of course. If you can find one, if you have one or if you know a restaurant with one, don't tell anyone but visit her often. There is no warmth like the warmth of a natural fireplace, the smell of real burning logs and the glow of the smile it produces.
Hope this helps you keep the chill factor to a minimum! Hold her tight, keep him close.


PS. It's important to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you.

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 5 June 2012
So many things so be grateful for.... Lucky Coco
I had a rather chilled weekend. A birthday on Friday for one of my favourite friends which brought together a lot of fun and frivolous drinking… great times. This is what I learned;
  • The last couple of months I've discovered a lot about myself. I know exactly what I like and what I don't like and what I like I've grown to love. I keep what I love very close. The Famous Four could we be a better flock?
  • Having laser done by a lovely gay man is a scary thought. Until you meet him and realize next time you go you'll ask for him personally, my how times have changed.
  • There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. I hate you doubt.
  • You're right, all guys are the same. It has nothing to do with you exclusively dating douchebags…
  • Design is… patience. That spinning ball of death, it teaches you a lot about life and relationships too, just wait and breathe.
  • Boys if you don't like Calvin Klein models don't expect us to look like Victoria's Secret Angels.
  • I love bears. Tiny cubs… can we be friends? Think its the idea that they get to hibernate and I don't… I want to be a bear.
  • Never give up trying to get what you want. Where there is love and inspiration you can not go wrong.
  • I am totally in love with the path my life is on right now. It feels good to know I no longer have your emotional baggage dragging me back. Grin.
  • Parys is a place to call home. Knowing my family lives there gives me any excuse to go there whenever I want, blessed.
  • Sleepy Sunday night crosswords. That’s all.
Have a beautiful week fallen leaves, keep warm.


PS. After all that’s said and done, I am not the lonely one.

Sigh. What magic words.

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