The Good Luck Club

Wednesday, 20 June 2012
Menu cover, lovely design!
The other day someone called me a foodie. Now I have heard this term before but never targeted at myself.

"Why?" I inquired.
"Because all you ever write about on your blog is food Coco!"

Mmm not quite. But with this statement I did so happen to realize that I never do reviews on restaurants anymore and what a shame that is. Since I do, in almost every Weekend Learning's, mention at least one coffee shop or restaurant and I eat out with wonderful company a minimum of twice a week. I should probably write about my experiences in the greater johannesburg area… right? Yes. Well here goes.

From top left, the beef basil heaven, the chichen dim sum, the
cute cactus on our tables and the 'save-your-life' Wolves cheese cake.

The Good Luck Club.

Everyone knows my favourite spot in town is Wolves. So when I discovered they were opening a noodle bar (second favourite thing!) I almost pitched a tent and camped outside with my bowl waiting for samples. I didn't… But I wasn't disappointed when I did eventually make it through the doors.

Walls adorned with kitty cats in top hats, tiny cactus table décor, a vintage bar and classic hipster overall design this place is the ultimate smile and enjoy your dindin's spot. With unique yummy starters like Chicken, Celery and Spring Onion Dim Sum and Prawn and Avo Spring Rolls, starters are a must.

I have to be honest I have only tried two of the mains. I have been there a total of six times now. I have tried the Ginger Plum Chicken and wasn't a fan, it was too sweet for me. But the Crisp Twice Fried Beef with Basil… oh my gosh. Yes I have had it five times and plan to have it again tomorrow night when I go there again. Di-VINE! Other friends have informed me that the Yellow Potato curry is to die for and the Peanut Sauce is a must as a side order.

When desserting I won't venture further than ordering Wolves's famous Cheescake, I swear by it to save lives and fix broken hearts.

Good to know booking is a must you can call them {here} and Lunch & Dinner - Tuesday – Saturday and Lunch only – Sunday.

Go there now, see you tomorrow night!


PS.  Take me to the Noodle bar baby ^_^

The Famous Four do The Good Luck Club.


Poisoned Princess said...

Ooh, keen to try!

I do my own restaurant reviews so since you're a "foodie" ;) check it out.

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