Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 26 June 2012
Red, the color or warmth, I can't get enough it seems.
Brrr! But it was a cold one this weekend. Johannesburg even had some rain! Poor honey! Feeling a little under the weather? She still produced beautiful city memories. This is what I learned;
  • Don't keep a girl guessing too long, she's sure to find the answer somewhere else. Or in my case, I'm bound to get bored and find something more interesting.
  • I'm having a little love affair with feathers at the moment…
  • Sometimes I get so lost in my new journey with someone that I end up getting hurt and fall behind, tattered and bruised by the damage. It's not because they meant to hurt me its because they are just are so deep within their own journey that they forgot to strap me into the seat next to them and take me with. And no one can really be blamed for that… can they?
  • My Granny once told me; "if he knows how you make you blush by just looking at you, you should probably keep him around." I think I might be keeping you around a little longer…
  • The Lone Ranger, my dear friend, can still get a crowd of complete strangers to sing and dance together as though they were the oldest of friends. Saturday was awesome Ray! Check out some of his stuff on his site {here}
  • It scares me how women don't keep their toes perfectly pedicured in their designer boots. Just because they are hidden away in Winter doesn't mean they shouldn't be looked after… cave women!
  • The bond I share with my favourite girls is totally unbreakable and it shines through like the lighthouse I had been looking for for so long.
  • Really great sushi is hard to beat. Tokyo Star in Greenside still surprises me with how divine and well priced their sushi is. Yumichi!
  • Sundays are for watching funny pups in the park, British humor and back tickles.
  • As you know I listen to a lot of Florence and the Machine's. Loving their old stuff too, especially the depths of the lyrics; "I said, hey, girl with one eye, I'll cut your little heart out cause you made me cry." mmm hmmm. You better believe it. *wink.
  • I didn't actually do anything new this weekend and that’s okay. When you have perfect company and perfect venues, who needs something new? Not I said Jemima Pie.
Keep warm cuddles and keep it tidy.


PS. Sharing a couch with your besties, talking about happinesses. ;)

... now please.


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