Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Love these motivational posters! found {here}.

A short weekend. They always are right? At least I am finally starting to come out of this virus. This is what I learned; 
  • Friday afternoon branding debates at work, Interbrand Sampson, really stimulate the creative juices. I love my job, even on a Friday afternoon. 
  • Edamame beans are totally my favourite thing to eat at the moment. I could eat them all day long.
  • There is nothing sexier than firetruck short red nails in a winter rush through fresh blonde locks. Prrr, the power of a strong woman with great taste. 
  • Im back in the Lomography game! With a fresh handful of new spools and a pang of inspirational persuasion from the stars in my designy eyes… the streets better watch out!
  • I truly forgot how painful a knee roasty is. Being a bit of a tomboy when I was young I was always covered in them. Having one a little larger than a R5 coin on my knee, I was quite proud of my war wound… till I got in a boiling bath and roared blasphemies I should visit confessions for… sorry higher powers… I forgot what pain was… ouch!
  • I am fiercely loyal to those I love especially my family. We might not share the same parents but we're family none the less. Yes you my four. X
  • GreatDane is quite wistful during the day. I think it might actually be better than the scrawling evenings we normally find ourselves crawling in there. The lamps look especially luminous in the afternoon city sunlight. 
  • Disappointments are just God's way of saying "I've got something better" be patient, live life, have faith. 
  • This weekend last year, one of my dearest friends passed away in a motorbike accident. I remember you my amazing friend. I let the petals of a flower float away on the breath of the wind and hope it carried them to where you were dancing. Life is too short to think you have everyday to wait for people who don't care. I wish I had one more precious day with someone who did. 
  • I have to quote another poem from Tyler Knott. Now don't cry my dears; "I want my hands black with the ash of missed memories as I burn them down around me. I want the smell of fire to permanently stain my hair so long as I never have to watch another of your trees grow without me again." - Tyler KnottGregson
  • I definitely have Birthday Blues. What is it about turning a year older that makes you want to reevaluate your life and pack up your crap and your pup and move to malaysia? Stupid ID book.
  • That raw realization when the person you're missing doesn't even care if you exist anymore… I get this in the middle of the night sometimes. It doesn't matter how old one gets, at the end of the day, we all still just want to be wanted. 
  • I keep a box of tissues on my desk. No I'm not actually a sickly person, and no I'm not an emotional person either! (even though you might think I'm an emotional basket-case by my Leaning's…  Sorry) But when it comes to my blog I am. My blog is my baby! Sometimes the comments I get on twitter about my blog bring me to tears. I just have to mention @MegPascoe @Nicki_Dadic @Moemasfood for last weeks comments. When you're sick and feeling fragile, sometimes those small little tweets are all you really need to remind you that pouring your heart and soul out onto a public platform is worth it, people out there DO actually like it, thank you! 
Be inspired my loves, have an amazing week!


PS. "I prithee send me back my heart. Since I cannot had thine; for if from yours you will not part, why then, shouldst thou have mine?" -John Suckling


Weekend Learning's

Thursday, 19 July 2012

This was a very cold and confusing weekend. I spent it with a virus and a sore heart. Painful both inside and out.

I have to just apologize to my followers, please forgive the lateness of these learning's. I must admit with this virus I am in a sort of cloudy state of dumbfounded float. My brain is dry and withered. I have literally been living on 5 Special K flakes a day, a teaspoon of jelly, a sachet of rehydrate, another sachet of revolting self sustaining vitamins (so I don’t die I assume) and a quarter boiled potato for dinner if I can stomach it. It is amazing what the human body can survive on! I know from Monday to Wednesday I was sticking to water.   So you can imagine writing ‘stuffs’ is sort of like trying to pull smart thingies out of my marshmallow head. The best part of it is stomach viruses last for up to 3 weeks so I predict the next 3 Weekend Learning’s are going to be rather… peculiar and badly written… worse off than my normal waffle but with a little more syrup that usual… Gosh I miss starch… any which way from Sunday, this is what I learnt;
  • Friday nights in with Cougar Town back on TV is a serious plus! Too excited! Jelly Bean!
  • Gamophobia is the fear or marriage, relationships or commitment. I think in this day in age this is the most common fear out there. It is so sad actually.
  • Bumping into an old gay friends is lovely. Except when you’ve lost a lot of weight… and they have happened to put on a lot of weight. Why do gay men always try to cover their double chins with an unusual beard? And why do they always quote Kate Moss when they put on weight? “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels?” Always creeps in… I beg to differ… have you never tasted Beef Wellington? Hell.
  • I read this little gem from my favourite Tyler Knott: "There in the stillness, in the perfect black of night, we came home again." - Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler... wow.
  • You know you're sick when you plan a party and only really invite yourself. Almost Birthday time! Need to seriously start planning… hope I can eat cake by then. Eish.
  • BFF: You laugh, I laugh. You cry, I cry. You fall, I laugh then I fall too because I was laughing so hard.
  • I like to watch the Sex and the City movie (one not two) a lot when I am down. It's a movie that shows that love is always stronger once forgiveness is achieved. I still have hope.
  • Deleting my Facebook account is the best thing I have ever done! No more pathetic whining from the peanut gallery. If you need to get hold of me, call my receptionist. Besides those who really want to talk to me, have already made the effort.
  • A peanut is not a nut by the way. It is a legume. #FunFact.
  • The Mercedes-Benz motto is “Das Beste oder Nichts” which means “the best or nothing." This my friends is why i drive one.
  • Only let go when it's no longer worth holding onto.
  • I read this in the window on one of my shop strolls. It shook me. “Of everything I have seen, it’s you I want to go on seeing: of everything I’ve touched, it’s your flesh I want to go on touching. I love your orange laughter. I am moved by the sight of you sleeping.” - Pablo Neruda 
 Have a lovely rest of your week petals, sorry again these are so late. Forgive the sick Coco.


PS. Penance - voluntary self-punishment in order to atone for ones wrongdoing.

Maybe I'll get better if someone buy's me flowers... ^_^

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

This weekend last year I broke my face. Yes all laughs and funny haha. Hysterical how this consecutive year another part of me was broken. This is what I learned;
  • I've realized that I want passion even if it's harder and hurts more, and hell does it hurt when it's taken away.
  • I hate it when people think that they just have to erase the messages, delete the numbers, move on and kill the spirit. Why do people always have to hide? Only because they know if they face it they will give in to their true feelings.
  • Wigs are itchy, I’m not sure if I’m a fan, pretty in pink though.
  • Relationships last long not because they are destined to last long; but because two brave people made a choice to keep fighting for it, clearly, I was, and still am the brave one, how disappointing.
  • People make mistakes, we are after all only human. But the comical thing is that I am and always will be forgiving because I see a bigger picture. Others are not because they only see through the pinhole. But my love, optimally, the size of the aperture should be 1/100 of the distance between it and the projected image, see a bigger picture!!
  • I have never been as sick as I am right now. Virus you could be the end of Coco.
  • I have had a tongue ring for almost 12 years. Yes “ew” you say. It was a symbol of a destructive person I wanted to be after I had been hurt. I took it out on Monday, I don’t want to be that Jacqui anymore.
  • “I never wanted to have anything in my life that I couldn't stand losing, but it's too late for that." - The Time Traveller's Wife. I can relate.
  • Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten.

PS. Distance means nothing to love, it will survive because the feelings are still there.


Little Dragon's Sunshine

Friday, 6 July 2012

I love a lot of bands. But its rare that I can listen to a band over and over again and like them continuously over time. Little Dragon are about to release their fourth album and just like the very first song from their first album in 2007, I'm totally dancing in circles to their first song "Sunshine". So I thought id share their new song with you. It's so upbeat and summery, its the perfect introduction so Summer. They're also set to be in South Africa early spring. Trust that Coco will be dancing way up front singing like a songstress. Happy weekend lovelies, soak in some magic!

"You were my sunbeam when skies were dark
You got me flying way beyond
'Cause I've been wandering and feeling lost
Now, like whirlwind, you put a spell on me

Have been dragging my feet along sleepless everday
I couldn't figure out a thing
Until your lightbeam came crashing in
Waited five seconds, soaked in some magic, shoot across
To transform my every loss, but then you can storming

You were my sunbeam when skies were dark
You got me flying way beyond
'Cause I've been wandering and feeling lost
Now, like whirlwind, you put a spell on me

Your electric ways had me right then
Me and my ghost of the past, get him tied down
Waited five seconds, soaked in some magic, come across
To transform my every loss, but then you can storming in

You were my sunbeam when skies were dark
You got me flying way beyond
'Cause I've been wandering and feeling lost
Now, like whirlwind, you put a spell on me."

- Sunshine. Little Dragon


PS. You were my sunbeam when skies were dark…

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 3 July 2012
Gold blonde and charcoal grey, loving.
Another Monday knocked on my eyelids yesterday morning and I was saddened to know that again, the weekend had slipped through my fingers without me even having a chance to fully breathe her in deep enough to catch my breath. Sigh. This is what I learned,
  • A design trend I'm noticing is black and golds. Not kitch and bling, come ladies we're not going to the Carnival. I mean like the picture above, matt and natural strokes in hues of gold blonde and charcoal grey guns and concrete. Stunning! Totally going to introduce this designy fad into my wardrobe.
  • Seeing a dear friend after a year is a wonderful feeling. Especially when her move to Australia changed nothing but deepened the friendship. Beautiful!
  • Sleeping on the left side of the bed makes you more positive and cheerful, I read somewhere…
  • Fresh Alaskan Crab is one of those things I love. Oh its yum! And if I see it on the menu I have to order it, mmm mmm MMM!
  • "Sometimes the most ordinary things could be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people." Nicholas Sparks.
  • China Town, hell I love that place. And the stuff we found there for next weekends ridiculousness, watch out people!
  • Begin doing what you want to do now. We are not living in eternity.
  • Cows do have best friends and become stressed when they are separated, cute moo's.
  • Going to a peculiar event in town where people are dressed as feather lamps and 'The outer feeling of the lonely sand grain' is just a normal Saturday for me. Good vibrations…
  • Birdy's new album is too divine. I especially love "Help the People". Wow, teary stuff! What a voice, her's, not mine screeching in the car… tee hee.
  • I love vintage fans. I have one and it works… I think I'm going to start a small collection… a new random thing to collect. I also collect chopsticks, kitchen appliances, USB's and shoes… I'm not really a collector of sorts am I?
  • This week we begin the countdown till my birthday month. Moving into the the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, the majestic Lion… its my time of the year… excited Coco, can't you just feel the energy in the air? RAWR!
  • The right ear is more efficient for listening to speech, while the left ear is better at listening to music.
  • "If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want. And all that is left is compromised." Robert Fritz. I refuse to compromise for anything less than what I want ever again.
Have an amazing week little lions and sparrows.


PS. My fortune cookie read this weekend; "Anything is possible with a willing heart." mine is the most willing.
Live everyday like it's your last, and appreciate
everyone in your life. You never know when
they might leave you, love them.

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