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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Love these motivational posters! found {here}.

A short weekend. They always are right? At least I am finally starting to come out of this virus. This is what I learned; 
  • Friday afternoon branding debates at work, Interbrand Sampson, really stimulate the creative juices. I love my job, even on a Friday afternoon. 
  • Edamame beans are totally my favourite thing to eat at the moment. I could eat them all day long.
  • There is nothing sexier than firetruck short red nails in a winter rush through fresh blonde locks. Prrr, the power of a strong woman with great taste. 
  • Im back in the Lomography game! With a fresh handful of new spools and a pang of inspirational persuasion from the stars in my designy eyes… the streets better watch out!
  • I truly forgot how painful a knee roasty is. Being a bit of a tomboy when I was young I was always covered in them. Having one a little larger than a R5 coin on my knee, I was quite proud of my war wound… till I got in a boiling bath and roared blasphemies I should visit confessions for… sorry higher powers… I forgot what pain was… ouch!
  • I am fiercely loyal to those I love especially my family. We might not share the same parents but we're family none the less. Yes you my four. X
  • GreatDane is quite wistful during the day. I think it might actually be better than the scrawling evenings we normally find ourselves crawling in there. The lamps look especially luminous in the afternoon city sunlight. 
  • Disappointments are just God's way of saying "I've got something better" be patient, live life, have faith. 
  • This weekend last year, one of my dearest friends passed away in a motorbike accident. I remember you my amazing friend. I let the petals of a flower float away on the breath of the wind and hope it carried them to where you were dancing. Life is too short to think you have everyday to wait for people who don't care. I wish I had one more precious day with someone who did. 
  • I have to quote another poem from Tyler Knott. Now don't cry my dears; "I want my hands black with the ash of missed memories as I burn them down around me. I want the smell of fire to permanently stain my hair so long as I never have to watch another of your trees grow without me again." - Tyler KnottGregson
  • I definitely have Birthday Blues. What is it about turning a year older that makes you want to reevaluate your life and pack up your crap and your pup and move to malaysia? Stupid ID book.
  • That raw realization when the person you're missing doesn't even care if you exist anymore… I get this in the middle of the night sometimes. It doesn't matter how old one gets, at the end of the day, we all still just want to be wanted. 
  • I keep a box of tissues on my desk. No I'm not actually a sickly person, and no I'm not an emotional person either! (even though you might think I'm an emotional basket-case by my Leaning's…  Sorry) But when it comes to my blog I am. My blog is my baby! Sometimes the comments I get on twitter about my blog bring me to tears. I just have to mention @MegPascoe @Nicki_Dadic @Moemasfood for last weeks comments. When you're sick and feeling fragile, sometimes those small little tweets are all you really need to remind you that pouring your heart and soul out onto a public platform is worth it, people out there DO actually like it, thank you! 
Be inspired my loves, have an amazing week!


PS. "I prithee send me back my heart. Since I cannot had thine; for if from yours you will not part, why then, shouldst thou have mine?" -John Suckling



Anonymous said...

Jax amazing post really enjoyed it

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