About me

Hi guys, I am Jacqui! *Wave! By day, I am a graphic designer, trying my very best to rid the world of bad design one exciting branding job at a time. Yes branding is my day job and I love it! But during my free time I am a little more whimsical than a desk job designer. 

I am a South African at heart, which means on any given day you will find me outside chasing a sunbeam. Yes like a cat with a lazer. I live in the centre of the world, the most incredible city, London! Getting to know this complicated soul I currently call home, is my mission. Looking for magic, following grassy paths or sitting in a gallery stolen by a goddess are just some of the tasks I find myself lost in. I seek beauty, and I find it everywhere. I daydream… a little more often than most… and my heart is knotted and bursting with love – hopeless romantic syndrome. 

It is not all star shine and sunlight! I am also a chronic migraine sufferer. They are a huge part of my life. It is hard for me to talk about them because people do not understand them, or me when I have one… or after I have one, or at the onset of one… which can be all week. I feel like perhaps the reason people do not understand is because they are ignorant to the topic so I guess it is the sufferers job to share in order to educate. This is quite a scary thought, sharing such a painful and dark part of me. But I am willing to if you are?

I believe that we all need a little escape. My blog is my vessel for me to talk, to get my experiences off my chest and recorded on Coco. Perhaps something in one of my posts will make you take that walk, or try that smoothie, or forgive that friend. Maybe all my blog will do for you today is make you smile, and that is all that that I really want to do, to make a little sunshine in someones mind.

Thanks for taking this journey with me, it’s nice to meet you.


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