Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 30 May 2012
daniel egneus, amazing!
Learning new things every weekend always makes for a perfect weekend. Here are some points I would like to share with you;
  • Mango will order the jacket you want if you are an extra extra tiny size. They will also deliver it in ample time, thank you Mango Sandton City for being so helpful.
  • My first Shabbas was interesting… gossiping with little teenage girls, wine, lots of food and a lot of people kissing me, loved it! haha
  • "Hmmm… weird… you're built funny." Tyler Knott Gregson's Orthopedic Surgeon said... I like this because it is something I would say to myself while looking in the mirror and can imagine my reflection saying… "GOSH, so are YOU! Who should we call?"
  • Also Twitter is an amazing thing. Its the only platform I can say "Tyler knott Gregson has taken my heart" and get a response from him, himself! Amazing…
  • Imagine meeting someone who understood even the dustiest corners of your mixed-up soul…
  • Life is like photography, we develop from the negatives.
  • Being turned away from an event is actually a blessing is disguise. Stumbling onto my old favourite annual German School Beer Fest was uber divine.
  • Schnapps is only good in one flavour, Lemon.
  • Driving around laughing at nothing in particular but at everything important… bliss.
  • In a room full of people you're always the first person I look for.
  • There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page or just closing the book. Its time you close the book dear.
  • An engagement party for one of my oldest friends brings a warm and full feeling to my heart, all I want is love for the beautiful people in my life.
  • Daniel Egneus is inspiring the smarties out of me! I'd describe the artist as a 'romantic grim illustrator', right up Coco's dark alley.
  • Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.
Have a good week, may your face be as smiley as mine is.

PS. "There is a calm in me, and with my hand on your neck, you will feel it too." Daily Haiku by Tyler Knott Gregson *sigh

Ah Coco... you took the words right out of my mouth.

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 23 May 2012
The beautiful colours of autumn at the moment.

Loving these wintery weekends in Johannesburg. Not loving the cold so much. I must admit I like to be in bed the second the sun goes down. Its a lot warmer under the covers than out in the cold. This is what I learned this weekend;
  • Great Dane is still one of my favourite places to go in town. Now that I've got some more souls to like it, I can go there more often, win!
  • I'm so happy that I'm happy in my own skin. All these women addicted to diets and being thin, eat a pie for gods sake, life is too damn short not to eat cake… and lots of it.
  • Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should, and let go of what you can't change.
  • I am totally addicted to Instagram. It is such fun. The fact that Coco can also follow her favourite bloggers is actually the real reason I love it, a real little window into the world of people I admire and appreciate.
  • Always wear your invisible crown. No matter how many crooks try to knock it off, and trust me there are many Princesses.
  • Just because it feels good, doesn't make it right.
  • Bottega is still the best place to sit and feel the sun set on an autumn afternoon on the Parkhurst strip.
  • Going to a church service after a (very) long time is an interesting experience. After all the church masses I went to, I still can sing all the songs and I know all the rituals. Do not ever for one second tell me I picked the wrong road of religion when I practiced so hard to love the one I was on.
  • I like to drive, it clears my head and encourages me to practice my singing. Its not great but the highway seems to like it.
  • "When a sense of dissatisfaction persists, that means it was placed there by God for one reason only: you need to change everything and move forward." - ALEPH
  • Its hard but necessary to accept that the life you once knew is gone. But do not fret, the future is brighter than any shadow of the past you once left behind.
  • One of Coco's favourite readers, Jess_Star19, summed up the rest of this week perfectly for me; "Hate to wish a single day away But I really can't wait till pay day!" Enjoy the week possums, get out there and dig, er… for um… turnips, What we see depends mainly on what we look for…

PS. Never ignore a person who loves you and cares for you…. one day you may realize you've lost the moon while counting the stars...

Someone will write me a poem one day... I hope.

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 16 May 2012
"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into." ~Henry Beecher

Hello, It is Wednesday again. Can you believe it babies? This weekend was a little different. I missed someone. I haven't missed someone who missed me back in so long. If the feelings are mirrored, the reflection is a smiling one. Here are some more points Coco learned;
  • Do not play with someone else's emotions just because you're unsure of your own. 
  • Sometimes you have to give up on people not because you don't care but because they don't. 
  • When people see me lying down with my eyes closed and ask me; "are you sleeping?" I always want to reply; "NO of course not I'm training to die!" why do people ask these questions… *sigh.
  • Every woman needs a man who will ruin their lipstick and not their mascara… prr. 
  • "Most of the shadows of this life, are caused by standing in our own sunshine" -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • A group of jellyfish is called a "smack" - Like.
  • Eventwise raised R37000 for the Rhino's this weekend! I am proud to know the organizer and to have been part of it, amazing stuff Mike!
  • "Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground." - Wilfred Peterson. Living by this from now on!
  • Don’t tell me baby, show me.
  • I know I often speak of my lust for protea's and peonies but right now I can't get enough of peonies.
  • "If I had a flower for every time you made me smile and laugh I'd have a garden to walk in forever." And if it was just one flower and those moments were petals, naturally it would be a Peonie, abundance of petals. Heaven.
  • Getting a piercing still gives me a thrill. I forgot how fun it is to poke holes in myself, *wink.
  • I just love all the women in my life, especially the strong women in my family. Happy Mummy's Day to all the Mummy's. 
  • I Especially love doing a sneaky with my family and having to replace my Granny's wine with grape juice. Because of her meds she cannot drink alcohol but insists and the fact that she didn't notice her wine was grape juice is just so cute. Love! Thanks to Junipa’s for playing along too!
  • Everything happens for a reason. I don't want your true colours in my life anymore, they don't go with the rest of my palette. In fact, they're just ugly, trust me, I'm a designer.
  • Too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated!
 Have a colourful week butterflies, may all your rainbows lead to pots of gold.


PS. "We all carry these things inside that no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors. They drown us out at sea."

This brought a tear to my eye, one day...

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Sun beam baby...
A great warm weekend in Jozi compared to my freezing last weekend in Cape Town. Winter seems to have gone on hiatus for a bit and left us with 25+ temperatures. Coco isn't complaining… this is what I learned.
  • LA Vi might be a Cape Town based band but hell do they sound great live and in Jozi, wow.
  • All the stars in space out number every sound and word produced by every human that has ever lived… that’s a lot of star gazing right there.
  • The Wood's will always be one of my favourite spots in town. Its just so great and intimate. Townie vibes.
  • Jack the Ripper and Winnie the Pooh have the same middle name… Coincidence? I think not… *this made Coco giggle.
  • Chateau Gateaux in Illovo has the kind of little cakey morsels you'd imagine in a french boutique patisserie, just divine. Go now!
  • Just remember that when nobody else was there for you, I was, and when nobody else gave a damn, I did.
  • Going to the engagement party of one of my oldest friends (20 years!!) was a real eye opener. Those who truly know my soul don't care what I look like on the outside or how much I've grown. Thanks for reminding me of this! We still connect, happy love!
  • Art still moves me. I went to the JAG (Johannesburg Art Gallery) for the Artist Proof Studio's 21 Years of Art. Some of their stuff almost brought me to tears.
  • Seriously go check out Bevan De Wet's work. Clean and precise its some of the most beautiful creative I've laid my eyes on. Watch this name, he's going to be a star!
  • On that note, the JAG also houses a lot of SA's world famous artists. The Penny Siopis (she's by far one of my favourite artists) did actually roll a tear down my blushing, art loving cheek. Amazing.
  • I am totally content with spending my time eating sushi with my sister in the sun and telling each other stories of our weekends. Even though we were with each other for almost every moment. Best times. Love.
  • The Rock actually created the word "smackdown" in 1997. Haha! Hysterical and useless info.
  • "You've changed" ...No, actually I think the proper term is "I've stopped trying to please you."
Be inspired, go to a gallery, create something, be warmed by the sun with a loved one. Have a lovely week sparkly smiles.


PS. I have Heliophilia, (n) desire to stay in the sun, love of sunlight… like a sunflower, I always want my face in the sunlight.

Need I say more? Other than I love this because it is true in my life.

Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 2 May 2012
Ah, Instagram, you make Coco happy.

Another weekend wisped away from me. I spent it in Cape Town under the mist, it was wonderful. This is what I learned,
  • What on earth has happened to Chivalry? Really men can we not try a little harder. You are so few and far between.
  • I still think the Wheel in Cape Town is one of the most beautiful things ever… giant Christmas biscuit of light, so pretty.
  • You can't blame someone for leaving, if you never gave them a reason to stay.
  • I struggle not to drool in the Mac stores these days. There is so much awesome, its hard not to feel overwhelmed by the idea that Apple is really going to take over the world.
  • Seeing someone I haven't seen in a long time always makes me nervous. I don't know why because it always feels like I was never gone when I see these particular favourite souls of mine. Real connections never fade or change.
  • El Burro's smokey poppers are the perfect amount of heat and cheese, super yum Donkey!
  • People like to bring up your past, when your present and future look better than theirs.
  • An Ombré hair style is half brown at the top and half blonde at the bottom and it looks great on Karma.
  • Karma's french toast also saves lives, trust me, I know.
  • Sitting next to a fireplace is still one of the best feelings, nothing can beat the warmth of a natural fire. And it is oh so romantic, Prrr.
  • Sure you can try to hurt me, but you've got to ask yourself, "Do i wanna wake up tomorrow?" Ha ha. Read this on Twitter and had to share it.
  • Guys: never take a good woman for granted, because one day another guy will come along and appreciate what you didn't.
  • Getting in a black taxi, going to the train station and bustling over to Kalk Bay where we ate cheap fish and chips next to the sea at Lucky's Fish and Chips was amazing.
  • Only in South Africa is the ambiant music on the train a little boy with a 'guitar'. When I say 'guitar' I mean a wooden plank with a milk bottle on the end with one string of wire… *pluck pling!
  • I'm loving hats, especially when they're furry and we look like we want to hunt Elk in them… *BANG BANG!
  • Leaving Cape Town always puts an empty feeling in my heart… I never quite know if its a person or the city. But ill be back very soon, you can count on it.
  • Bottega (in Jozi) has the best Peach and Mint G'nT ever, it is delicious.
  • Wolves Cheese Cake… like I've said before, it fixes broken hearts and also helps with ones which miss Capey Town, Mew. And the crockery is so gorgeous… sigh.
  • Generosity is also a rare thing. The generosity of kindness sometimes is the least shared gift you can give. Thank you to all the people who gave me kindness this weekend, I love you all.


PS. Hug a Hipster, they are people too, thanks uncle.

True that.

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