Paradise - Inhaca - Mozambique

Tuesday, 20 December 2011
Inhaca, I make you mine.
Excuse me while I pack my bags and go to Mozambique's Inhaca island. Paradise. Just thought id share with you. This is what I plan to do on my holiday;
  • Enjoy the lack of Cell phone reception.
  • Read my book.
  • Eat a lot of prawns.
  • Tan a lot.
  • Frolic in the sea.
  • Explore.
  • Love the 40 degree weather a LOT (this is the best part).
  • Eat more prawns.
  • Take a lot of photos.
  • Hug it out (because sun and sea makes me touchy-touchy).
  • Appreciate beauty.
  • Smash more prawns in my face.
  • Look for fishes around my feet in the water.
  • Miss the friends and family I wish were there.
  • Reflect on the tough year I’ve had and say good bye to it.
And most importantly, not have a care in the world.

I hope you’re going to paradise too.


PS. Your heart is free, have to courage to follow it... To an island paradise preferably.

I've been to Mozam before and I am finally going back like I always wanted.

Weekend Learning's

Balloons, I love them.
 A little weekend Learning’s never killed anyone right? To be honest the weekends would be that much better if I didn’t have to go back to work on the Monday. Ew. This is what I learned;
  • I love the Cricket. Yes I am one of those girls who happily enjoys sports and screw you if you don’t like it. I wear white to test matches.
  • Men who act like children upset me.
  • I love how dead Jozi is at this time of year. A lot of people are gone and my city is peaceful and delightful.
  • Byzance is a secret gem is Lonehill which looks over a picturesque lake. Its beauty reminds me of Knysna... I smell a little Knysna trip in my future.
  • "Expectation is the root of all heartache." William Shakespeare.
  • I miss you. Dammit.
  • I am SUPER excited for my sudden New Year plans. Jozi infiltrating Cape Town isn’t really my idea of a holiday anymore. Vom.
  • The simple idea of no cell phone reception is the most exciting realisation of my holiday!
  • I think its scary when couples start to match. Matching phones, matching outfits, similar speak... Come on darling arn’t you your own person? Pathetic really.
  • I still love seeing balloons. Even if it is one silly red balloon running away on the highway. Blissfully depressing and wonderfully romantic.
  • Life is so much more enjoyable now that I’ve decided I just don’t give a fuck.
Have a stunning last week butterflies.


PS. "How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours." Wayne Dyer

Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 13 December 2011
foxes, birds and fire. Prrr.
Sometimes I sit in my car and drive quietly and wonder what the point of it all is. The music might be playing and the people might be talking but I’m not really listening. I only really hear the thoughts in my head, watch the road and feel the tar beneath me. My thoughts might be screaming or softly bristling but they always have meaning and the meaning might not always be louder than the message but it’s always trying to say something. This might not make sense to you. I am share my thoughts and sometimes they do not make sense even to me, however, there is one thing I realised for sure this weekend... I’m done with the begging and the pleading and I am happy and I am glad and I am smooth sailing down my path and there is nothing you can do to bring me down or rope me back... I’m gone. This is what I learned;
  • If you’re always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in? Enjoy the ride.
  • Christmas is still my favourite time of year, it makes you appreciate the friends and family you have and love.
  • Wrapping gifts is one of the best parts of Christmas.
  • I do not trust you, I am sorry I just don’t. Woman intuition? Perhaps.
  • I am going to dress up for Christmas, I am Christmas nuts, accept it.
  • Taking the wrong spool with the right Lomo camera to a special event is THE most disappointing feeling in the world! Meh.
  • I love the drive to Parys and I love the destination even more. I hope to spend more time there.
  • Sadly I am one of those people who will always cry at weddings, especially when it is my little cousins.
  • Getting married on a warm summers afternoon next to the river on the open farm surrounded by white decorations and crystals, beauty!
  • My new family is amazing! I cant wait to get to know them better! Love.
  • I want a little bird mobile, just because it feels like freedom.
  • Fireworks are still one of the most gorgeous inventions and simple loves of my life. More please.
  • I hate pretty boys. If it looks like you spent more time getting ready than I did, go bath in the river, alone.
  • Life is fragile, a scare can make you realise this.*get well soon please.
  • I want this Fox necklace. (fox mad, that’s me)
  • Spending Sunday saying goodbye is bitter sweet. I spent the day singing in my head “Don’t go, don’t leave, please stay, with me...” by Wretch 32... Love that song.
Have a great week puppy loves.

PS. No matter how old you are or how badass you think you are, if a toddler hands you their toy phone... You answer it. 

I am so in the {pause} right now and loving it.

Weekend Learning's

Monday, 5 December 2011
So little weekends left of 2011 and they just keep getting better, relationships keep blossoming and the realisation that this year has been both the best and the biggest year of my life. So many lessons learned and not one single regret. Not one. This is what I learned this weekend;

  • Drinking a milkshake with my sister will always be one of my favourite things to do. Strawberry for her, chocolate for me, since 1994. X
  • A sick puppy affects the entire home, the littlest member of the family is by far the most sensitive.
  • I love staying in on a Friday knowing that the weekend is going to be so huge and I am going to be so fresh. 
  • If you want to fly, you’ve got to give up the shit that weighs you down.
  • Going in a bus with your favourite people is really the only way to travel to a party.
  • Angels, I think this will be our theme to a lot of parties. Fly away with me. 
  • Deadmau5 was amazing. I loved it, I want more, I feel sorry for the people who missed out. 
  • Lindt now makes chocolate bears with heart necklaces. Goodness I love bears... BEARS! I want one.
  • There are far better things ahead than anything we leave behind.
  • I am thankful for the difficult people in my life. They have shown me exactly who I don’t want to be.
  • American Horror Story is my new favourite show. No I’m not twisted I just love a good scare and HELL this is scary... Trippy... Twisted... I love it... Dylan McDermott, hello yum! 
  • Being a super blonde is so much more fun, almost forgot what I was missing, good to be back.
  • Hello vintage crazy at Mr Price. Wow what amazing stuff! Whoever is organising it, keep on keeping on, you have a huge fan in me.


PS. If you don’t have anything nice to say, go fuck yourself.

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