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Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Sun beam baby...
A great warm weekend in Jozi compared to my freezing last weekend in Cape Town. Winter seems to have gone on hiatus for a bit and left us with 25+ temperatures. Coco isn't complaining… this is what I learned.
  • LA Vi might be a Cape Town based band but hell do they sound great live and in Jozi, wow.
  • All the stars in space out number every sound and word produced by every human that has ever lived… that’s a lot of star gazing right there.
  • The Wood's will always be one of my favourite spots in town. Its just so great and intimate. Townie vibes.
  • Jack the Ripper and Winnie the Pooh have the same middle name… Coincidence? I think not… *this made Coco giggle.
  • Chateau Gateaux in Illovo has the kind of little cakey morsels you'd imagine in a french boutique patisserie, just divine. Go now!
  • Just remember that when nobody else was there for you, I was, and when nobody else gave a damn, I did.
  • Going to the engagement party of one of my oldest friends (20 years!!) was a real eye opener. Those who truly know my soul don't care what I look like on the outside or how much I've grown. Thanks for reminding me of this! We still connect, happy love!
  • Art still moves me. I went to the JAG (Johannesburg Art Gallery) for the Artist Proof Studio's 21 Years of Art. Some of their stuff almost brought me to tears.
  • Seriously go check out Bevan De Wet's work. Clean and precise its some of the most beautiful creative I've laid my eyes on. Watch this name, he's going to be a star!
  • On that note, the JAG also houses a lot of SA's world famous artists. The Penny Siopis (she's by far one of my favourite artists) did actually roll a tear down my blushing, art loving cheek. Amazing.
  • I am totally content with spending my time eating sushi with my sister in the sun and telling each other stories of our weekends. Even though we were with each other for almost every moment. Best times. Love.
  • The Rock actually created the word "smackdown" in 1997. Haha! Hysterical and useless info.
  • "You've changed" ...No, actually I think the proper term is "I've stopped trying to please you."
Be inspired, go to a gallery, create something, be warmed by the sun with a loved one. Have a lovely week sparkly smiles.


PS. I have Heliophilia, (n) desire to stay in the sun, love of sunlight… like a sunflower, I always want my face in the sunlight.

Need I say more? Other than I love this because it is true in my life.


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