Baby it's Cold Outside

Friday, 8 June 2012

Baby its cold outside. Yes it is. And there are plenty of reasons to retire indoors. You want to hear some of Coco's? Fine I'll tell you, but only because I think you're great.
  • There is nothing better than a warm pot o' tea. I'm addicted to Eve's Instant Honeyed Ginger Tea. You can add it to your green tea as well. I drink it just as is, so yummy and great for winter and to ward off little colds.
  • Stripey pumps. Stripy pumps are in full rage at Mr Price and I'm smitten with their cuteness.
  • Leg warmers. Yes this is a weird one. But its too cold to wear those lovely stripey pumps alone so whipping on some leg warmers over your jeans or leggings looks great. Warning; stick to similar hues of colour for example I do super dark blue (almost black) jeggings black leg warmers and dark red and black striped pumps. Also I don't have those nice skinny beanpole legs a lot of girls have so the darker the more slimming- better with the addition of all the knitting of the leg warmers. Fun!
  • Reintroducing myself to Bon Iver. Nothing better than listening to some good music snuggly and warm in the arms of someone gorgeous. They sound like an abandoned house far away only housing two people with the same smile. And guess what?The word Bon Iver is derived from the french phrase bon hiver meaning "good winter" or "have a good winter". If that isn't a good sign then I don't know what is! Grab a warm body and close your eyes...
  • Wolves. Whether it's tea, coffee, wine, cake, art, boardgames or a band on a Thursday it's the perfect place to stop for a bite or a beer. Shelter from the cold has never looked / tasted / sounded this good. Total addict, always will be.
  • Creaming myself up in this fry weather. Hand cream is a must! Healing Hands Lime Tree Extract and Grape Seed Oil is my ultimate favourite! The smell is unbelievable and its SPF 15. Divine!
  • Spending more time with my loved ones. Summer tends to drive me to the corners of the city to explore and be the true sun baby I am. Winter on the other hand makes me want to be close to people. And only people I admire and love. One of those little people (yes he's my little person) is my Pekingese Louis. I recently joined the Pekingese Rescue of South Africa. Reading a lot of the stories made me burst into tears. If you're looking for a little love to warm your lap and your heart this winter please go {here} and adopt a Peke like my Louis. I promise you will always be warm and you will be saving the life of one of the relations of the fluffy angel who daily warms my life. Blessed.
  • My sisters wedding. Yes my big sister is getting married! I cannot wait for next weekends family overload in beautiful Swellendam. A small wedding with only family and the closest of friends, celebratory perfection. Not to mention I really need a break. 
  • A fireplace of course. If you can find one, if you have one or if you know a restaurant with one, don't tell anyone but visit her often. There is no warmth like the warmth of a natural fireplace, the smell of real burning logs and the glow of the smile it produces.
Hope this helps you keep the chill factor to a minimum! Hold her tight, keep him close.


PS. It's important to tell the people you love how much you love them while they can hear you.


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