Weekend Learning's

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
Play me a song you're a figgy man... on camera... mmm.
With the amount of work I am doing last week was a ‘no blog zone’. Unfortunately work comes first. Sorry guys! This is what I learned this weekend.

  • Working late on a Friday night is actually fun if you share the same music taste as the other person working late with you.
  • I like zucchini on pizza. Just another way to eat my favourite vegetable.
  • When your hair was as long as mine (we’re talking waist length) cutting it to your ears and dying it another colour is a huge step, and feels f*cking awesome! 
  • You can donate your hair to Cancer to, go to Locks of Love for details. 
  • Out with the old, in with the new Coco.
  • A simple vanilla cake with a topping of figs, honey and mascarpone is to die for! *recipe to follow.
  • I love figs.
  • Sometime you just have to take a leap/chance/risk and hope it pays off. My track record shows it does...
  • Art classes in Jozi town must be one of the best things I have ever decided to do. Win! 
  • I am mad about Carla Bruni. Her song Quelqu'un M'a Dit is on repeat... right now!
  • I like it when artists mix pencil and tec stuff like the above Sony HVR-V1U in 2B. Cool.
  • Andiccio24 still makes the best pizza... The dough is freshest between 2am and 4am... Yes they’re 24 hours for my dying sins, yay!
  • I love cupboards with chicken-wire instead of glass, can I have yours?
  • Working on Sunday is not so bad if you work with lovely people and with a red velvet cupcake in hand. 
  • I am MAD excited to see Jonny Depp in 3D... Mmmm mmm MMMMM!
  • I don’t really know the path my life is taking but all I know is happiness is the common thread and I love it.

PS. I want to learn to play the Banjo, just so I can say; “Hi, I’m Coco the Banjo player...”

Hello, this is me and my new crop, banjo playing.


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