Weekend Learnings

Monday, 18 October 2010
A delicious weekend
Weekends go so quickly these days that it feels like one blink and its already gone. This is what I learned:   

  • I like mushrooms on toast. 
  • Friday nights in are better with chocolate cupcakes. 
  • My new favourite drink is simple lime and soda. Mmm. Its bar name is Lime Fizz. 
  • Every 69 seconds a woman dies of breast cancer. Scary! Go to www.69-seconds.org to help.  
  • I can finally say: Telkom’s new mobile network is called 8•ta! Which means ‘hello’. And I love it because I helped create it. 
  • The boyfriend leaves me with lots of things to watch on my laptop to keep me busy so I do not miss him too much. Sneaky love!

PS. Puppy was 4 months on Saturday, cute!


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