Weekend Learnings

Monday, 25 October 2010
A busy weekend full of little bits and pieces and a thunderstorm.
This weekend was rather eventful but too still short.
  • Sister turned 21, happy birthday little sister.
  • Leaving work on a Friday just 30 minutes before 5 makes the weekend feel a little longer.
  • I have a new hair salon. Its small and fantastically petite! It is in Parkhurst... Just another reason I want to move there.
  • I love napping with the sound of Jozi thunderstorms rolling in, only to wake up to the hailing Monkey’s Wedding - simple bliss in life!
  • I have already started doing my Christmas shopping, that way I have more money for my holiday. And wrapping gifts is right up there with blowing bubbles... I love it.
  • The Patisserie in Illovo has lovely different flavoured Macaroons, I tried, Chocolate Hazelnut, Passionfruit and Turkish Delight...over priced and a little gummy but very yummy!
  • Cleaning up the day after the party is the worst thing in the world especially being a non-smoker picking up disgusting stompies (cigarette butts) from those disrespectful smokers who don’t use ashtrays, eww!


PS. Next weekend Cocobutton will be in George for a wedding. Exciting Weekend Learning’s next Monday :)


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