Weekend Learnings

Tuesday, 12 October 2010
A bright and colourful weekend.

Another lovely weekend with the people I love. I must apologize for this late weekend learning's. It is late because yesterday when I went to fetch my folks from the Gautrain my car broke down. I was... (note past tense) a proud member of the AA. However when the AA takes 4 hours to fetch you, there is a strong chance you cannot update your bloggie on time. Another reason I’m upset is because when you have 4 hours to sit and think in 33°C boiling weather there is a strong chance one will get angry. And when one gets angry one has many terrible thoughts and one realizes that furious terrible thoughts can not always be kept in the ‘mind closet’. AA, look what you have made me do! You have made me ramble on about nothing... So here are my weekend learning's:

  • Girls love the 80’s.
  • Party-packs are still a hit even at 25 years old.
  • As much as I love red lipstick I still cannot pull it off.
  • I prefer drinking Coca-Cola out of a glass bottle to a can.
  • Pink lemonade gets its rosy complexion from cranberry juice.
  • Whenever the boyfriend is in town I have a fantastic weekend.
  • I need to get some rubbery, green, funny shoes for the garden, perhaps gumboots.
  • Watching Sunday night Idols with a braai (barbecue) in the background and a G&T in hand is a trend I wish was permanent.
  • I braaiied (barbequed) 24 burger patties (half beef half chicken) alone and didn’t burn one! Sister’s can do it alone. Well at least I can.


PS. Too short but always swee


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