Weekend Learnings

Tuesday, 16 November 2010
Clearly, Christmas is already inspiring me!
Another weekend lost to time. I do not mind though, this weekend to come ill be in Cape Town, hooray! What I learned this weekend?
  • I’m a little embarrassed to say I’m loving the new Katy Perry… that fireworks song could be an inspirational anthem! Love it.
  • Snails can come in tins… eew!
  • BOS teas are YUM and their website is gorgeous!  See here.
  • I generally prefer if the temperature is above 30°C. I’m definitely a South African girl, Saturday was a glorious 33°C and I was in heaven.
  • I have too many shoes… I bought one of those shoe hanger things for my pumps… 3 in each section is what I had to resort to.
  • Sometimes you have to accept that people will never change.
  • Planning my girls Christmas party is one of those things ill never get sick of.
  • Booking for New Years holiday is done and paid for… happiness is!
  • I'm still in love with Mother Natures jewelled pomegranates, yumm! Eat with vanilla yogurt HEAVEN and very cost effective.
  • Louis (my pup) looks more like a lion as he gets older… I think a little more like an Ewok but I like Ewoks so that’s okay.

PS. Hope you’ve booked and paid for you your little December getaway!


Vixi said...

Eeeeeeek....new years here we come baby!!! <3

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