Food, Wine, Design.

Monday, 29 November 2010

It was an arty affair... mustache anyone? 
Johannesburg isn’t known for its design events. Her Mother City, Cape Town, normally gets the creative injection more frequently. But this joyous weekend Hyde Park hosted the Food, Wine, Design show.

Food… Wine… and Design… Coco was in heaven! There were so many inspiring and creative stalls. I was smiling from stall to stall. I finally got to meet the designer who is Dear Rae, and made a purchase {here}. I also met the (amazing!) women behind Reel Gardening and thanked them for my prized veggies. I discovered Malée makes the most seductive room spray I have ever smelled… I almost cried when she said they were 100% out of stock! I saw cushion’s which said “I ♥ Jozi” and laughed at the pink, moustache panties! He he! I tasted loads of olives, Chorizo, and bought yummy smoked sausage and creamy Camembert that would make the food gods sing! I had the creamiest cinnamon ice-cream and shared a chocolate and roasted nut pancake with a friend I call Lamb. Delicious.

I cannot wait for next year!


PS. I love the creative people in my country. South Africans are truly blessed!


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