Weekend Learnings

Monday, 1 November 2010

It really was a beautiful weekend. 
A weekend away is precisely what I needed to get super excited for the holiday season. I cannot believe that four days actually feel shorter than the usual two but I can feel inside that this weekend filled my heart with love. So what did I learn this weekend?

  • I love little suede grey pumps from Woolies.
  • The only time I ever wonder why I live in Johannesburg is when I go to Knysna.
  • Ile de Pain is the most wonderful little haven. If I did live in Knysna I would spend my days there. Eating. In love with life. Their fruit plate is... the best! I think Ile de Pain is the only place I will always go to and always love.
  • My China has gorgeous stuff. So gorgeous that it makes the perfect wedding gifts.
  • I like little plain paper books covered in fabric. Om in Knysna has cute ones covered in fabric.
  • Eating fish and chips next to the sea in the sun with a glass of wine, my favourite company and a view of the water, must be the best thing in the world.
  • Rain during a wedding in South Africa is a blessing. Rain cannot stop a wedding full of love. It only brings lovers closer together.
  • Peonies are FINALLY making a comeback. They are my favourite flowers and the wedding I attended had thousands of them, petal bliss.
  • Another flower of the weekend – the majestic Protea. South Africa’s national blossom is so powerful all you need is a glass full of water to show one off. 
  • When naming a beach house, names should consist of sea or beach jargon. The stranger the better. It’s highly entertaining for the city folk.
    Fujifilm has stepped in with its line of Mini instant-film cameras and they are a super awesome way to take pictures of people at your wedding :)
    I want what I want more than ever before. I think the go-getter in me has finally been awakened. Trust a weekend in a sleepy city to rev your engines!

PS. The bride-to-be wore shoes by Vivienne Westwood. Magnificent! Congratulations W and D Klopper xoxo


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