Fashion Forward Friday

Friday, 26 November 2010

Brown works every time on every canvas.
Milk chocolate eyes. No this is Fashion Forward Friday, not a recipe post. But yes when thinking of light, lustrous… or matt, brown eye shadow I think about chocolate. Milk chocolate eye shadow is everywhere! A more organic shading for day and shimmery iridescent shades for evening. Being a brown eyed (hazel) girl myself, I like using browns and earthy tones to bring out the flickers in my eyes. Woody tones on green and blue eyes are also romantic and almost inspire the colour in your eyes to glow.

A natural organic face is youthful. And that is the beauty of this trend. Brown is organic, thus it goes with every eye colour, skin tone, hair colour and mood. Don’t get me wrong I love bright colours but it is so much easier to pull of a milky chocolate shadow than a lime green one.

Use both cream and powder. Eye shadow comes in both cream and powder form. To help your bright eye shadow colour last all day or night, try matching colours in both cream and powder formulas. Apply the cream in a thin layer (to avoid creases later in the day) over the entire lid. Follow by applying your powder shadow as usual. I like Revlon’s “Beyond Natural” Cream-To-Powder-Eye-Shadow.

Start by applying a concealer to lids to even out skin tone and create a canvas for shadow application. Apply creamy shadows with fingertips. Shadows will blend together seamlessly as you layer colours. Apply darker shades in eye crease and on lid line. Use lighter shades all over or at corners of eyes or directly under brow arch. 

Another tip is to enhance the natural colours you have. Applying dry eye shadow with a brush will help you to coat your lids with beautiful sheer, all over colour. To intensify the colour of your eye shadow, use a sponge applicator. For a slightly more dramatic effect, apply your shadow wet with a brush; this will deepen and brighten the hues as well as increase shimmer. 

Think warm, tea and coffee shades. Matt’s or shimmer anyone call pull off this trend. And since the browns are still making a comeback, they’re lower priced than the bright. With a pink cheek and a light gloss you will be ready to roll!


PS. Brown smoky eyes are gorgeous and more subtle, sexier and easier to wash off ;) 


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