Géraldine Georges

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
Art doesn't have to pretty to be interesting!

A while ago I stumbled upon Géraldine Georges website. I love it. Her work begins as stylish photographs, in some a model is featured, in others collages and groups. Then, with the aid of a ‘Rotring’ marker Géraldine draws birds, wolves, trees and other elements of nature to create her surreal portraits.

I love the way she mixes photography and illustration together to creatve one single-minded piece. She uses empty spaces to enhance the the focus and the detail is structured perfection. Although incredibly pretty there is a dark, silent emotion that attaches itself to her work. I like this about her and it is magically alluring.

My favourite ones are the above white examples. I do not think art has to be pretty to be breathtaking. A lot of her other stuff includes bright vibrant colours and exciting crazy collages.

This unique Belgian artist has already had some of her work featured in L’Oreal Ads and has been seen in the New York Times.

See more on her website.


PS. It’s Art


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