Fashion Forward Friday

Friday, 10 September 2010
*I wish i was this girl
Happy Friday specials! The weekend is finally here, even though it came quicker than the Jozi spring blossoms did this year! 
I am having a white weekend, hence the pictures. A white birthday, a new garden, and a farewell. New beginnings, soft goodbye's and white blossoms.
My very wise and white blonde friend (*fabulous) Vixi said this to me...
"Some of us say we'd rather have something than nothing at all, but the truth is, to have something halfway is harder than having nothing at all". In other words, never just eat half a cupcake! Have it all. 
Eat all of me.
Have a beautiful weekend and remember, life is short, so wear stiletto's.

PS. Take me to the beach, she needs me.


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