Bean There, want to do it again!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010
Logo and cute little shelves full of coffee goodies

Delicious coffee shops who take pride in their trade are rare and far between. And this kind of real coffee is a comfort that I find hard to ignore. Bean There, is a roast to be
She is deep and comforting, warm and alluring and above all should not, in my opinion, be bought off the shelf at P&P. So when discovering Bean There, I could not wait to get my taste buds around one of their exclusive optimal roasts.

Stepping into the the spacious corner store, she’s tucked away at the curious 44 Stanley, I never expected the creative area. The décor is a juxtapose of vintage couches, lampshades and modern photos against the backdrop of shiny metal coffee pots, tall wooden ceilings and shutters and tarty cupcakes under glass bells.

I like buttery, rich and luxurious coffee. I like coffee that tastes like it travelled the world just to find me and make me ‘mmmmmm’ with happy coffee sippings. Bean There does this perfectly! It is relaxed and comfortable enough that you want to stay a little longer. Not like the rush and ‘fast food’ feeling most coffee shops have these days. You can borrow a newspaper and sink into the vintage couch while you wait for your cup o’ Jo.

“With a love for coffee and a passion for the African adventure, Bean There Coffee Company acquires, through direct fair trade, the world’s finest single origin coffee, which is hand-roasted to produce an exclusive optimal roast.” - Bean There Website

Visit the Bean There Coffee Roastery at 44 Stanley for a delicious blend of African coffee and sit and soak in the unique decorations and inspiring design!


PS. Try the iced coffee, she’s blended seduction and yum!! 

Lampshades and bicycle,  i love vintage beauty
Rustic cupcakes, so cute but mad delicious
Couch of dreams
Menu, note: the new iced latte shooter and the marshmallows
A real bean roaster, you cannot imagine the smell, mmm


Courtney Erin said...

That coffee shop looks like a stylish place to hang out - and the fare sounds delicious!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Jaxi said...

It really is a yummy place! You'd love it :)

Che said...

mmmm... looks delicious x

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