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Thursday, 30 September 2010

How to bunny!

I am a little embarrassed to say that reading is a new part of my life that I forgot and left behind for a large chapter of my life. And when I restarted reading, I discovered I have strange little habits that come with it.

For example I am big into book smelling. I am sure that many people obtain this habit throughout their years of literature learning's but for me, it is like a little first impression or introduction to a book.

Another is the price placement. Not where the price is placed but where I put it. I love finding old books that still have the price on them. Books from Exclusive Books actually have the month and year on their price sticker. So after I buy a new book, I peel off the price and stick it into the back cover. This way I also know its my book and a double addition is that I wont have a yicky sticky patch on the back of my book in a few months. *Bler!

The last peculiar thing I do is to do with the bookmark. When I start reading the book I choose any flat object around me to be a bookmark. It could be an empty, opened envelope. Or a sticker I got in a kiddies pack on the way to Durban. Or an old post-it I got that reminds me of someone special. And then when I’ve finished the book, I leave it in the book. I do not know why, it is just one of those things I do that don’t make sense. Maybe it is because that little sticker or envelope reminds me of the time and place that I first opened that book and keeps that memory in there. *weirdo!

These little bookmarks are so cute! I’d love to change a habit and have a different bear or bunny in every book in my bookshelf! I love this little quote from the website;

It always helps to have good friends hold your place when you’re in need of a little break.

You can buy bears here and bunnies here. Happy reading folk!


PS. I love a little Ninja rabbit nestled between two pages!


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