Poppies are Beautiful Flowers

Thursday, 26 March 2009
Genre: Comedy
Directors: Mike Leigh
Cast: Sally Hawkins, Eddie Marsan, Alexis Zegerman, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Samuel Roukin

Happy-go-lucky is rather bizarre to be realistic. Typically, I liked it.

When I heard about this new ‘Happy-go-lucky’ film sweeping up all the awards I determined that I had to see it. I, unlike a lot of people, enjoy British films. I find a strange toasty comfort in their ‘tea and crumpets’ pompous accents.
It’s delightful. As such was the film.

Although a difficult film to get into, once I was interested in trying to discover what was going to happen I enjoyed it. Ridiculously adorable, positive, primary school teacher Poppy (Sally Hawkins) will engulf you in smiles, sparkles and rainbows. There are little aspects of this movie which I loved and laughed out loud to. She’s curious and bright. Sometimes I felt exhausted by her constant happiness. But after that glum side of me was banished, I got back into it.
She really stole the show. It is such a whimsical movie that I do not think anyone would ever be able to play a part like that. No wonder she won numerous best actress awards for her portrayal of beloved Poppy.
The movie circles around this particular chapter of Poppy’s life and we are privileged to share it with her friends.
The movie is not just about a happy existence on the surface. It is about how positive Poppy influences and touches peoples’ lives. How someone who seems so frivolous can in actual fact make someone’s day, bring a little light into the dark, sprinkle a little love into todays more illustrious grey being.

I cannot honestly comment on any of the other aspects of the movie and they were purely drowned out by Sally Hawkins walking on sunshine acting. I look back on this film with great fondness!

P.S. it takes a while to get into so give it time and Poppy will give back to you!



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