Thursday, 12 March 2009
A ladies day with my girlfriends is always something to look forward to. A group of ten of us take on the town and find fun things to do. Apart from a good catch up session it is really fun to go out and enjoy something girly or trying out something new.
This time we went to Indulge. It’s a cute little patisserie type, boutique confectionery um, place! Its gorgeous and pink and black and chocolate and candy heaven!

We sat inside. Surrounded by striking cake boxes piled up around us. Above us were sky scraping wedding cakes, decorated with chocolate spikes, pink candy roses and black butterflies. Indulge is the perfect word to describe this whimsical escape. Even the little rose decoration on the table was blanked in glitter! Attention to detail is what makes this scintillating experience so enticing.

The breakfast menu is amazing! After two glasses of the best strawberry juice in town the lot of us decided on what we were to have. My sweet tooth took over and I ordered what I saw float passed our table on many a hungry persons plate- a heavenly, Strawberry Delight!
On the menu it reads as;

Flapjacks with cinnamon-infused strawberries and served with sweetened mascarpone cream and drizzled with vanilla syrup

But really, this does it no justice! Although it is a beauteous little array of sweet goodness it was too much and I passed it on after only indulging in half.

The menu prices are a little steep for it to become your local breakfast hangout however it is definitely worth it for occasions or just to take someone out to show off and eat something truly magical!

P.S. they also do takeaways!



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