My New Favourite Place, Nice!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009
Little French restaurants, white fabric cloths on road side tables, hand scribbled menus on blackboards, detailed pottery plates, freshly picked short stemmed roses in tinted glasses with gold lace detail; these are a few of my favourite things.

Nice on 4th in Parkhurst is the epitome of these things.

They specialise in heavenly, fresh food with superior ingredients and French accents on ambiance and décor. The Nice owner is a lovely flower herself, floating through the tables and checking on clientele. The simple fact that she is there supervising is even more reason to make my visit to Nice a regular occurrence.

We arrived, were greeted by the owner and luckily there was a table leaving so we grabbed it as I had been informed that the cue’s are a common thing at Nice. Breakfast was on the menu. Can you say ‘fresh watermelon juice!’ without seeing pink and thinking YUM!? They serve it at Nice. It too good to talk about, you just have to go try it.

The waiter told us the specials (like I said before; hand scribbled menus on blackboards!) and we ordered the two most interesting sounding things on the menu. We sat back comfortably and sipped on watermelon juice while watching the passers by. The order did take a while more than I am used to and I was worried that all the anticipation was going to make the meal seem ordinary.

But oh no, it was better than I could have ever imagined! I ordered flapjacks. My mouth is watering just imagining it! It was 4 little flapjacks layered with mascarpone, crispy bacon, strawberries and heavenly warm syrup. *sigh. It was sweet, warm, melt in the mouth, syrupy seduction! I really could only take one photo simply because I could not stop eating it. Wow, that’s scary to admit… but once you have it you’ll understand.

The other order was the Nice specialty- Egg Baskets. A simple yet original way to serve a basic breakfast. Bread ‘baskets’ filled with poached eggie, crispy bacon, little cherry tomatoes and seasoned to magnificent precision, divine!
Both delectable breakfast treats were polished in record time and when we both were finished we were rather glum and considered starting it all from the beginning. Yes it was that good!

I have heard that they’re lunches are also the best in town and might bring my flapjack heaven some hearty competition. I plan to let battle take place. Hopefully some time this week!

Oh it was sublime!

P.S. I would be a happy girl if I could have a slice of Nice everyday.



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