An Excuse to be a Royal Madam Crumpet

Tuesday, 24 March 2009
Yes it’s true. I love tea.
And when I heard about Contessa Tea Shop I jumped at the chance to go there with my girlfriends.

They do a real tea tasting and when I say real I mean tea leaves, brewing and timing.

When I arrived I had to walk from the brightness of the South African sun into a darker room. As I made my way round the bustling, and very tightly packed tables I might add, I stepped into the restaurant…

As my eyes adjusted I think they popped and glowed with adoration as I saw the stunning surroundings I was about to embark on. The walls are decorated with collages of stylish arbitrary art, red candy striped wallpaper, shelves covered with tea jars with homemade labels, little gift boxes with chiffon ribbon, faux lavender pot plants and gold candelabras stand proud next to framed pictures of black and white Hollywood starlets. Gorgeous! I think I went to Contessa tea heaven.

The place was bubbly and bright. Every table was full and every person in there looked beyond content. The smells were heavenly and I was temped to go up to every single person with food in front of them and offer to test the deliciousness, mmm. But my wits (luckily!) kicked in and being there for tea I felt it was rather important to keep the lady side of me out in full force! Any excuse to be a royal madam crumpet and I’m in, white gloves and all!

It was everything I thought it would be. We tried 6 different types of tea. It is all about tasting, smelling and seeing tea. Not just drinking it. Drinking it is a minuscule part of the doily mission. And what an experience it was! We spent most of the 3 hours timing, writing, spilling, laughing, checking, sniffing, adding, laughing again, and

basking in the glory of the teahouse ambiance.

Go in groups, its more fun with more ladies and its an experience every lassie should experience!

P.S. take cash, even tea tasting in Jozi is getting expensive!



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