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Tuesday, 15 February 2011
Fly away with me....

This weekend was a different kind of weekend. I had a weekend of sorrow and love! This is what I learned.

  • Having a funeral and a wedding in one weekend can erupt a lot of strange and different emotions.
  • I am strong and I can easily take on life alone, no need for your ‘help’ thanks.
  • Being a bridesmaid to a special couple is a honour, words cannot surface.
  • Photo-booths are so AWESOME! Lets go again!!
  • Rain during a wedding is still an African blessing in my eyes.
  • Sometimes you have to let go in order to gain balance.
  • I miss my lomo... I think its time to go on a shoot!
  • Bat for Lashes is my new favourite lustful music... Awesome!
  • I thought it was just stress but my insomnia is back... Why Mr Sandman, why?
  • This is going to be another big year for weddings! I need a great dress rental service... Help?


PS. Flying away is something I think of a lot these days. I guess I like the concept of landing somewhere new...


Being Brazen said...

nice listy.

I love Bat for Lashes

Jaxi said...

Thank you BB xx

Angy said...

great blog!

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