Black Swan

Thursday, 17 February 2011
Schizophrenic much?
When I went to see Black Swan I was sure it would be on my favourites by the time it ended. However I actually walked out with a nervous laugh and was scared the whole way home.

I think it is a little overrated and I didn’t feel that the effects were that great. It is labelled as a ‘psychological thriller’ and none of the people I went with felt it was that mentally moving. It didn’t make you think. After seeing films like ‘Inception’ where it really does mess with you, I found Black Swan a little thin.

It is however incredibly disturbing, and the character complexities are intricate and alluring. A comment that was noted through most reviews is that the audience was not educated enough on the character of the young ballerina Nina Sayers, played by Natalie Portman. Her history could have played on a much deeper emotion and would have made her that much more illusive.

The movie follows Natalie Portman’s journey to getting the lead role in Swan Lake but her struggle to come to terms with the black swan, a more seductive version of her perfect part the white swan.

This leads her down a psychological trip of paranoia and self doubt believing that the young, sexier Mila Kunis
(Lily) will take her part. Mila is really stunning in this movie, I found her character a lot more interesting than the Nina part.

Go see it! But watch out for some scenes with bits which will make you jump and bits that will make you so uncomfortable you’ll want to hide under your seat! I almost climbed under a couple of times.


PS. We all have a little black swan in us, others have ugly ducklings.

How gorgeous!
The lovely leading ladies...


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