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Wednesday, 23 February 2011
Hi there, I belong to Coco!
Once upon a time someone who knew me very well bought me a gift. A gift so perfect I never wanted another one because it was so faultless that no new gift could compare. Well those days are over and now I want another!!

Do you know Dunny? No I am not talking about the Australian slang... *Ew! I am talking about the Dunny vinyl designer toys created by Paul Budnitz and Tristan Eaton, and produced by Kidrobot.

Here is what Wiki says: “The toy is based on a rabbit figure with distinctive tubular ears. The origin of the name 'dunny' came from a combination of street slang and one of the early "Devil Bunny" prototype. Dunny comes in three sizes - 3", 8" and 20". The toy has three points of articulation; a 360 degree rotational head and two arms. Dunny sometimes comes with accessories that fit inside the sockets of the hand, such as a laser gun or an ice-cream cone. Sometimes the accessories can be as sophisticated as a gas mask, a crown or even a hoodie. An artist card or sticker is also included with the dunny.”

Pick me, NO, pick ME, no-no-no pick meeeee! Prrrr
They are a designers dream come true! Another great feature is they come in ‘blind boxes’ so you have no idea which one you are actually getting. That one up there... That is my Dunny. He’s a SERIES 5 CHASE 3" (2008) Devilrobot. And whenever I go into a meeting I rub his head like you would a Buddha's tummy for luck, or in this case Design Luck! Seems to work.

SO here are a couple of the ones I like, there are so many, go {here} to see the entire range! I love that dominatrix reindeer, hysterical! And that Ketchup one? Gosh they are all so divine. So creative.

Hope to get a new one this weekend... Will keep you updated!


PS. I am a designer... I’d rather have a Dunny box than a box of chocolates. *KaPOW!


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