Gifts of Gold

Monday, 16 August 2010

It was recently my birthday. On this glorious day I thank the world (*and my parents) that I have been given a chance to make the world a better place.

When it comes to gifts, the meaning behind the gift is more desirable than the object itself. A gift with a little more meaning is an offering to cherish.

This year I got a small, unique and gorgeous little trinket. It is the gift of giving, giving to charity that is. My fabulous Cape Town cousin, Laura, bought me ‘My Gold Heart’.

My Gold Heart is a delicate gold heart charm dangling with love from fine blue twine. The money for the gift goes to charity. Their aim is to reach individuals who actively choose to shift their awareness away from fear towards love. Their beneficiaries include CWD- Catholic Welfare and Development and Bulelani Creche, Delft, Cape Town.

A gift like this I will wear with pride knowing that it did in fact help someone. I Hope secretly that someone will compliment me on my necklace so that I can share the story behind it with them.

Next time you want to get someone a gift, give the gift of gold, saving the world one heart at a time.


PS. All that glitters is not gold... But we can try change that!


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