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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

I try not to drink coffee. Its bad for you, and it gives me migraines. But like red wine, cheese and chocolate, you cannot honestly expect me to decaffeinate my life of all the good stuff?

The bigger problem is when I discover adorable little perfectly designed guides like this one. *shew.

A Ciitizen’s Guide to the Perfect Pour can only mean one thing, Cocobutton is going to try, rate and find every cup on this list... Cocobutton’s might be schizophrenic and the other blogger in her might infact be Coffeebutton.

I am even considering printing it out, making a little book and and taking it around with me. It will be my guide to discovering the best of each classic little diagram... Hmmm I am brewing over a new project... Watch this pot!


PS. Bringing out the little Barista in me!


Being Brazen said...

Im also trying not to drink coffee...also gives me headaches if I dont drink it enough.

Cute little guide.

Ps - Lovely blog

Jaxi said...

Thank you darling!

Ps. right back at you!

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