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Friday, 20 August 2010

I often wonder if I have a serious problem. I am mildly obsessed with food. This is not a common trait for a young woman who watches her figure. But I just find the joy in pasta so much more gratifying that looking for the size 0 labels.

So when I heard about La Bella Figura, I booked that day. And have since been there a total of four times and every time I have been pleasantly pleased, actually hugely satisfied.

Their website reads: “In Italy, the philosophy of La Bella Figura rules the land. La Bella Figura translates to “the beautiful figure” but is actually a way of life emphasizing beauty, good image, aesthetics and correct behaviour.” I’m convinced that every time I eat there the happiness exudes from me. 
The ambiance is undemanding, homely and relaxed. When you walk into Bella it’s like walking into a pillow of Roman clouded heaven. Warm smells of Italian roma tomatoes, oregano and fresh floury pasta and basil are pungent and welcoming.

The wine list is detailed with special pieces. The pastas are all made fresh daily on site and can be seen hanging heavy above the kitchen with hope of the perfect sauce. The walls are scattered with Italian memorabilia and images of Roman beauties and regal profiles. One of my favourite things is the ease of the placement of the music area. The bread is cut right there on the bar next to the CD’s. And to the right the Campari’s and Italian liqueur’s sit proudly next to the glass goblet of Ferrero Rocher, which can be ordered with their delectable Italian perfect coffees.

All this perfection and I haven’t even gotten to the food! The Suppli, a desirable little plate of two crumbed risotto balls with peas and Prosciutto is the tastiest little morsel ever. I highly recommend the mozzarella, Prosciutto and rocket plated salad. The mozzarella is ribbony and creamy, like nothing I have ever had!

Although I have in fact tasted many meals on the proudly Roman menu, the one that is out of this world delicious is the Oxtail dish (Its a long Italian name that I do not remember but it is the last dish at the end of the mains meals). It is, without a doubt, the most soul comforting meal I have ever had. I highly recommend this plate of joy!

Dessert in also beyond divine. Hot Chocolate pudding with a white chocolate molten centre served with cream that bubbles and splatters when added to the decadent lava. And Tiramisu paradise served with a fresh strawberry custard is fit for the Gods.

Go there hungry and experience life the way the Romans did, delicious and drizzled with olive oil!


PS. I’m madly in love with their red checker tablecloths!


Clive said...

Written in the true sense of explaining what an evening out in the cosy little Roman restaurant is like.
Nice One.
P.s I voted for your blog and will be encouraging my Mrs and her friends to look at your blog and vote too!
Take care!

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