Fashion Forward Friday

Friday, 20 August 2010

This week I have seen blossoms, sprigs of green and have felt very dry (I do live in Johannesburg and this is the dry before the rain).

But being a true Jozi Baby, I welcome the heat and the dry as it only means one... or two important things. One: Spring is coming! And Two: Summer fashion is on its way!

Something important about being a girl who believes in Rapunzel and her golden locks, er... kinda, not really that extreme... is that long hair and spring/summer do not really go hand in hand.

My new obsession is spring hair braiding. Not just one of those Uno Braids you used to wear in P.E. (*gym not Port Elizabeth). I am talking about beautiful romantic braiding. Me like. Soft and romantic, cool and chic, its the perfect sexy spring do.


PS. It’s art!


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