Weekend Learning's

Monday, 21 November 2011
It's been done...
Weekend learning’s have become one of those things I become mildly obsessed with. By Sunday evening I am thinking of possible quotes and images and by Monday morning I’m jotting down notes in my little book. This is what I learned.
  • The electricity in the air on a Friday is one thing. The electricity with a storm on a Friday sends sparkles down my spine.
  • Making Mix Tapes for special people is too much fun. Decorating them is the best bit... Said the designer in me.
  • Photo booths are still mad fun, but I don’t like props, my face is funny enough.
  • Trabella still makes great pizza and their salads are not half bad either. The quote on the wall reads “I wish I was lettuce”, love it.
  • Kitchen Tea’s are still a strange tradition to me. They evoke a lot of emotions and inner turmoil, shiver.
  • Seeing my little cousin Kate in a dress made of dishcloths was an hysterical moment... It was her Kitchen Tea.
  • Not Bread Alone is a new bakery in Illovo. Their pies are delish and the have super pretty cupcakes, yum!
  • Sometimes a friends surprising (and shocking) news makes you realise that its actually exactly what you always wanted for them... Happiness and their perception of normality.
  • It comforting to know that I can lie with you and talk about nothing and the time just flies so quickly that it goes from dawn to lunch and it doesn’t feel like we wasted one second.
  • Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it. Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it. Memories are sweet, cherish them.
Happy week lovlies.


PS. “You were my lesson I had to learn, I was your fortress you had to burn.” Madonna, The Power of Goodbye.  



Vixi said...

I heart you BIG time!!!

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