Thursday, 10 November 2011
Beautiful Leather Bird Brooches
There is so much beauty in the world and so much great art, naturally handbags and leather goods should fall into the same category. When I heard that Missibaba had a pop-up store at my favourite spot Hand I put my foot on the pedal.

I’m a sucker for beautiful things. Being a female designer I demand great design in clothes and accessories as well. Missibaba makes this little designer girl very happy. The smell of the leather was intoxicating. I actually recall saying to Shanon (my wonderful friend and owner of Hand JHB) “I shouldn’t have come here.”

Feeling like Alice is Wonder-bag-land I pranced around the wooden bag ‘Tree’ and introduced myself to every bag with loving affection.

“Missibaba is a luxury accessory design label established five years ago by leather aficionado Chloe Townsend. Passionate about South Africa and supporting local industry, Chloe opened her Studio in the heart of Woodstock where she could surround herself with the best craftswomen in the country.

Combining technical skills learnt at the London College of Fashion with an inherent passion for uninhibited creativity, Chloe created the inimitable Missibaba brand. A playground for all things leather, Missibaba continues to experiment with texture and colour continuously pushing the boundaries of imagination.”

I bought me an Aztec. Ladies I highly recommend you invest in one, two, or twenty-six of these gorgeous pieces. Below are some of my next wants but there are many, many, many i want to get there Coco paws on... prrr.


PS. The detail in the handbag is the buying point for Coco. My Missibaba is peach and cream candy stripe, delish.

Zoo Cha-Ching
Kaleidoscope Clutch
The Sgt Pepper (wow)
The Kaleidoscope Possum 2


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