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Monday, 7 November 2011
Top hats, Pearl and The Beard and The Queen of Hearts.
A huge weekend with the people I love. I could honestly end this post right there, but I won't. This is what I learned;
  • You can walk a cat on a leash. It might look funny, very funny, but its effective.
  • I like when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason.
  • There are signs everywhere. You just need to decided how you’re going to interpret them.
  • Stabilising to new medication sometimes becomes harder than expected. Eish.
  • Each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history: Spades- King David, Hearts- Charlemagne, Clubs- Alexander the Great and Diamonds- Julius Caesar.
  • I love the name Charlemagne, I will use it one day. On that note as well and on Movember, the King of Hearts in the only King without a Moustache.... Fascinating.
  • Dancing on grass, under the palm trees and blue skies in the summer heat is one of my favourite things to do. Tropical Parties are the best.
  • Sometimes going out with just the boys to a ridiculous trance party to a gay club in town is just enough weird to remind me how fantastic my life really is.
  • Apparently I suit top hats, thank you. *Next time.
  • O.P.I’s nail polish colour in “Hot and Spicy” is a great coral, orangey colour. It is the perfect Thanksgiving shade.
  • I made a lot of good decisions this weekend, and a lot of them had to do with forgiving and letting go.
  • I’m loving Pearl And The Beard, specifically ‘Sweetness’. “Sweetness, we see the exact same sunrise, cause I’m drunk, I’m drunk on your love.”
  • Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.
  • Sundays with all of you make my heart sing, I am blessed, thank you.
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PS. "I will dare to just do what I do, be just what I am and dance whenever I want to"- Beverly Williams.

...or ankles... tee hee.


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