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Friday, 18 November 2011
I made this, I credit no one but myself, coco the nut.
Hello. Yes I am bloody well aware it is Friday and I bloody well know it is the next weekend already but I wrote this post on Monday and due to bad net I haven't been able to post so I thought today I might as well get it up and out anyway. So... Here it is! Weekend Learning’s on a Friday, yip its been one of these weeks... Besides there are some points in this post for some amazing people (you know who you are) that just have to be said... love.

A fast paced weekend with little sleep and high temperatures. I spent most of it without shoes and in minimal clothes (due to the 30 degree weather to gutterhead!) This is what I learned.

  • The Baron Sandton, no matter what you say about the venue, has really delish food.
  • I forgot how sore my feet get when I haven’t gone dancing in a long time. Ouch.
  • Norwood has got some seriously gorgeous little antique stores.
  • When one door closes, another opens OR you actually turn away from the closed door and realise there were 40 other better open doors waiting for you and you were so stupid to think you only had one door this whole time you almost missed the sunshine... Silly ferret.
  • Friends are family you choose. I love my family.
  • Woolworths Sparking Pineapple Juice is delicious and refreshing in this Johannesburg heat.
  • I make hell of a good braai. Including marinated chops, little corn on the cobs and baby potatoes, nom. Hosting is fun.
  • I love that most of the things we ate on the weekend came from my garden, rosemary, lemon, potatoes, corn, spinach, salad... Coco has a green thumb.
  • My little pup Louis (1 years) and my Goddaughter Lili (2 years) are the best of friends. Too cute!
  • I love it when two groups of friends merge and become one. Birds of a feather...
  • My Gran still sits on the porch on a Sunday afternoon, sips lemon iced tea and tells me pearls of wisdom. Wearing shoes is for the birds, a nice man is just a nice man and people with troubles will dump their troubles on me; “The trash can is by the door Dear, its not sitting there looking pretty.”

PS. Friends pick us up when we fall down and if they cant they just lie right down next to us. *love you guys. 

you, I will always fight for you.


Vixi said...

Fucking AMAZING!!!!

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