Weekend Learning's

Monday, 31 October 2011
A good weekend goes a long way.
My weekend again started on Thursday with the opening of Sharon Sampson’s Studio. The evening was a great success and a perfect diving board to the weekend. This is what I learned;
  • Art is still one of my favourite things. Culture is a rare and special thing in this modern-day rat race. It scares me how many people know nothing about art and the up-and-coming local talent we have in South Africa.
  • The fact that my friends came to support my family means more to me than they’ll ever know.
  • I cannot believe how grown up my little sister is, and so beautiful and smart as well
  • It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.
  • I know I can always rely on Hand and the amazing people who work there. I can honestly say I love going there.
  • Missibaba (who had a popup store at Hand on Saturday) has become a renowned name. The palette, range and depth of the leather goods and design are amazing. I bought myself a little number I will blog about soon.
  • Protea’s, gosh I cannot stop loving them! They make my heart and my room smile.
  • The Patisserie in Illovo is a great little coffee spot to sip on cappuccinos, eat cheesecake and get a hand tickle... not from the waiters, just the company you take.
  • Going to Panyaza, a Shabeen in the depth of Soweto is awesome, I love Jozi culture.
  • Having a whole bottle of Captain Morgan dropped on my toe made for interesting dance moves. Ouch, hope its not broke.
  • Kings of Leon, I was a fan from the very beginning, now I’m just more in love with the band and the music, you’re awesome. Best concert EVER. Jared, I'll call you later.
  • The smell of Eucalyptus after the rain is amazing and freshly delicious.
  • Sunday lunch at Throbbing Strawberry with a special girl, the Rocketeers, and great food and vino is my idea of the perfect day. x

PS. Remember the compliments you receive and forget the insults.
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