Weekend Learning's

Monday, 29 August 2011
From left, Burnside Cafe, new lace shoes, Lucky Moo.
The last weekend in August. I cannot believe its almost September! It almost feel like yesterday it was January and I was so certain about the path I was going down. Life is what happens while you’re making other plans right? And now its 4th quarter. This is what I learned:
  • Sometimes all you need is a good Friday in to sort your mind out, to calm the storm, and to do a hair treatment.
  • Burnside café is a stunning little breakfast spot.
  • I like food that’s both salty and sweet, pancakes with syrup strawberries and salty bacon is divine.
  • Sometimes I wonder what the hell is wrong with you? Smile once in a while okay!
  • I love my new little shoes... I miss tying shoelaces.
  • I hate pink, but ill wear it for the Wetnose foundation, Pinkie Fest was the best yet.
  • Going from daily chatting to nothing at all for 3 years and then seeing the person out and about after all this time is awkward. Stop looking at me.
  • Sunday’s which are grey and overcast are awesome, I pick you bed, ill be the duvet.
  • Lucky Moo is so delicious! Has to be my new favourite Chinese spot AND their website is so cuteness.
  • With regards to the above point, if a restaurant has an awesome website I think the food tastes even better, must be a designer thing.
  • To tell you the truth I actually DON’T want to talk to people on a Sunday. Id like to have a day to myself without you badgering me thanks.
If he doesn’t chase you after you walk away... Keep walking.


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