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Monday, 22 August 2011
This is pretty no?
A weekend spent with loved ones puts anyone in a good mood. Not to say my miz has lifted completely. I just think the prospect on going back to Cape Town in a month is the reason I am so happy. Almost Cape Town again for the Loeries, cannot wait. This is what I discovered;
  • Friday office farewells can get messy especially when you finish all your work before lunch. Over achiever FTW.
  • Ami is still a wonderful place. Dinner with the boys, black and white films and Prawn Soup, good times.
  • Having an early night on a Friday results in a wonderful lengthy weekend.
  • Summer is on the way, I turned off my under floor heating and did not even miss it.
  • Woolies organic low fat strawberry flavoured drinking yoghurt should be president, it is that delicious.
  • You know you spend a lot of time with someone when you arrive at HAND (my hairdresser) and you’re both in black, denim and yellow...
  • My little godchild turned 2 this weekend, pink fluffy chairs are the best gifts, when you’re 2, the bigger the gift the better.
  • Rolling around on the grass talking about nothing and sun soaking is heaven.
  • It scares me when people my age talk about how all they want to do is get married and be pregnant... Life is so short why spend the few years you have alone wishing for baggage?
  • To live a creative life we must loose our fear of being wrong.
  • Sundays in spring should be spent abusing the power of doing nothing and sniffing the blossoms in my bikini with puppy.
  • I kind of love geek jewellery... It must be the designer dork in me.
  • Soy Lites candles are for burning AND for massaging. Baby Love is the one I have which produces coconut oil to massage, its delicious. Get them here at HAND.
  • Going to a special friends 30th Birthday makes me aware of three things; I am almost 30, black and white is still a classic theme and I too share wonderful priceless friends who I love. Happy Birthday Dean.

P.S. Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you... Then I saw Masterchef was on and got over it.

Life moto...


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