Burnside Café

Tuesday, 30 August 2011
Burnside, loving this logo.
You know when you drive past a place over and over on a random way home and always forget to go in? Or don’t have he time? Well mine is Burnside Café. I drive past there a lot and always take my eyes off the road (just for a second) to look at its clean, white face. She is, very pretty.

Fresh green and summery its the perfect spring spot. There is a little garden and fountain which creates wonderful ambiance and a great area for the kiddies to play (if you have any). The white décor is just up my alley, clean and crisp. I have heard mixed reviews from people about the service but when I was there the waitress was always attentive and waiting to serve. And a table of nine women all wanting the same thing in different variations all at once can be... challenging to say the least. So the service is good.

The attention to detail is what I like. A cake stand with fresh cakes under glass bell cloches sits pretty and tempting outside... beats the average revolving cake stands you get in the mall... Ew. The food is served covered in a duvet of rocket and sweet dishes are adorned with pansy flowers and caster snow. Detail extends even down to the water which is spikes with oranges and strawberries, LOVE it when restaurants do this.

Everything is fresh and tastes homemade, see below what we ate.

Try it, I know you’ll love it.


PS. Your tummy is not a trash can, don’t fill it with junk. 

Poached Eggs
With relish, bacon, parmesan and toast fingers

With crispy bacon, mascarpone, syrup and berries


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