Holiday Learning's ♡ an ode to Cape Town

Wednesday, 17 August 2011
Delaire... you're crying too right? Knew it.
Deluxe, Haas and Sidewalk. How's that bunny!?
I spent my birthday weekend in Cape Town. The more I go there the more I become obsessed and desperate to stay. These are some of the little gems I discovered there.
  • When someone fetches you at the airport with balloons it is actually a lovely kind of embarrassment.
  • I have wonderful friends in Cape Town and I miss them everyday here in my dust bowl.
  • Are you a little strange and looking for a porcelain cat scull and delicious coffee all in one? Check out Haas, weird and wonderful. Astronaut bunny totally rocks my socks!
  • Early morning on the promenade is great for surfer spotting... Hello there!
  • The Grand has a R500 seafood pizza... I have to be honest I would go back there just to sit with my feet in the sand again.
  • Wardrobe and The Lot on Kloof are still my two favourite shops, I could spend my salary proudly and not eat for the rest of my life.
  • Vintage clothes make coco happy.
  • I had my hair done at Scar Hair also on Kloof. Its the first time I walking into a place and wasn’t looked at like I had been in a bike accident, awesome. I especially loved The Little Book of Poo.
  • You like Tequila right? Me to! Go to El Burro, Genuine Mexican Cuisine and tequila, wowza, heaven...
  • I like dinky wooden decor with plants coming out of the ceiling... Dear Me has this and nom food... Homemade flapjacks and a ginger ninja please.
  • I sometimes sway when I cannot dance and I have a nice song in my head, its a way of dancing to a hum.
  • Delaire Graff Wine Estate is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The view made me shed a tear.
  • Grey squirrels sometimes makes duck noises... Disturbing.
  • Deluxe Coffee Works, there are no words... You’re just a delicious buttery coffee part of my life which I would like to exploit... Sigh.
  • You know how I love hearts right? Well Sidewalk Café is full of them! With delicious guest chef menu’s you can have something different and gourmet every time.
  • I cannot wait for our next encounter... Let it be NOW!

PS. You do not have to do much to make me happy, just take me to the beach and let me draw in the sand. 

Judge me? Fine I move to Cape Town then, goodbye.


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