Weekend Learning's

Wednesday, 9 March 2011
Friends, tyres, noodles and Dale, yummy! Tee hee!
So sorry this weekend learning’s is so late! Due to a slashed tyre I’ve had a little trouble getting free time to blog. Long story! This is what I learned:
  • A Friday with an old movie and a noodle cup is the perfect Friday. I guess that would call me a cheap date. Noodle cup, YUM!
  • My friends GPS has serious directional problems “carry on through parking lot for 200 meters then turn left round dodgy corner to destination” fail.
  • Seeing people I have known for over 10 years and not having a clue who they are is a scary and sad thing.
  • A normally frowned upon party with new friends in a tight group is better than any average party, cannot wait for round 2.
  • I hate the smell of fake tan, especially on weird sweaty people, EWW!
  • Seeing billboards with incorrect logo’s freaks me out, come on advertising people, ever heard of BRAND led communications?
  • Pampering Sunday is even better when there is cricket to watch, they go hand-in-hand.
  • I really have little respect for people who only support their sports team when they win. A real supporter will back their team, win or lose! Go Protea’s!
  • I really, like REALLY love Dale Steyn’s air punch.... And his tat... Mmm.
  • Some people are so pathetic I want to slap the stupid out of them.
  • When I get cold I want to go home.
Have a beautiful week, we’re already half way there!


PS. Hoping a slashed tyre is gang related and not stalker related...


Victoria said...

Couldn't agree more about self tan. Ewww worst smell ever when people haven't washed it off properly!

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