Fashion Friday

Friday, 18 March 2011
Oh M gee, my legs look like stalks...
I have to be honest. I am not a fan of floral. Its too girly and I look silly in girly. It also reminds me of Granny curtains... And moth balls... Awkward silence.

But there is something so fab about floral skirts. Short, little, colour-crazy, high-waisted, picturesque leg canvases! I know it was a 2010 trend but I have only recently seen them out and about in the last couple of weeks, and in a big way. Why do I like them? Maybe it is because summer is almost over and I am clutching at straws... Or at floral skits... To try and keep my last shreds of summer alive and to not give in to the already woollen catastrophes and winter wonders in the shops. Boo.

But really they are actually super cute and pairing them with a vest or a tank and a belt and a nice bag... Bla bla CUTE! Gonna go get Coco one.

Happy Friday my lovelies. Long weekend in South Africa, enjoy it! My first long weekend at home is ages... I cannot wait!!!


PS. I’m the skateboarder, life is my skateboard.



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