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Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Me at Mishmash, our nails.
Birthday weekend Learning's Special edition! Yay I say! And what a special birthday it was. You know every year I go out of my way to organize things for my friends. I put down deposits on 'trendy' restaurants where the food isn't that great, party at clubs where people complain about how crap it is and then chase a lot of my 'friends' to get them to come because I believe my birthday will be better if I see their face at my special day. Not this year. At the ripe old age of 27 I left it all to fate. This learnings is a lot about friendships because this weekend I spent all of the weekend feeling grateful for the beautiful people in my life. I am so blessed and so happy. Here are some of my Birthday Learnings!
  • Having my party at a venue where I trust the venue and I know the owner was the best decision I ever made. Thank you to Nico and Mishmash for the best birthday ever! Not only was the food amazing the staff was impeccable and the venue is stunning! I even got a gift of a bottle of Tequila (you might not get this, sorry). I highly recommend MishMash for your dining needs! Call them {here}, thanks guys! X
  • Getting smarty box french mani's is too cute! Love our new style, what a good idea for my Mad Hatter Party… I love being nuts.
  • I don’t know if it is because I am 27 or just the fact that I am so sure about who I am now, but the friends I have now are the friends I will have for life. We are cemented. And those who came to my party were there because they love me and I mean the world to them and they mean the world to me and I am so grateful that the new flowers that I saw on Saturday are more me and more beautiful than anything I had in my past.
  • Its funny when you sit at a table and have a therapist, a lawyer (or two) a designer, a stylist, a computer nerd, a doctor, a banker, a blogger, and a few other randoms sitting around a table and you are watching someone inhale helium and sing Happy Birthday how everyone seems… to just laugh the same. Bless!
  • There's always those certain people that you just know you're a better person because you have them in your life.
  • "Emails are good but parcels and post are better." this rings so true during Birthday time. I love getting cards and letters and hand written gifts, these are so much more personal than email, or Facebook, or whatsapp, or sms or viber etc etc. eish… 2012, whats next!
  • My bestie knows me so well. When I start nitpicking someone she says (and this is the quote of the weekend for obvious reasons) "Stop criticizing him, he's not a logo!" classic, and so perfect.
Thank you all who made my Birthday so special. Have a gorgeous week lovely daffodils.


PS. If people sat at their windows and looked at the moon and the stars every night the way I do, they'd live their lives a lot differently. Star gazer. 

Yes I will.


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