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Monday, 13 August 2012
Happy days... yes I know Coco is dreaming of summer too its obs... mmm skin...
It is cold in Johannesburg. My city is filled to the brim with shivering souls and dark winter wear and furry people. I am not a fan to be honest. I cannot wait to see skin and colour and flesh. Oh how I miss legs and necks and backs! South Africans are beautiful people. A lot of the people I hang out with are adorned with tattoo's and pride themselves with the shapes of their immaculate curves and rippling muscle. How I miss this. Stupid cold weather! Bring me summer beauty already! Sigh. This is what I learned from behind the hidden wall of my mohair scarf;
  • Espresso's serves a cocktail called The Thirst. To be honest it looks like someone poured tomato soup in a martini glass, ran through the forest, sprinkled with dirt (black pepper) and put some tree in it (basil) and then plonked it in from of me. Do not try it… ever.
  • Clinomania. (n.) Excessive desire to stay in bed. When it is cold and I'm scared to go outside because I might bump into someone I don't want to see, I get this in large amounts, somewhat so that it scares me. I understand the desire to be a recluse.
  • Pteronophobia is the fear of being tickled by a feather… tee hee! Funny one this!
  • When I find a blog I obsess over I cannot close the window until I get to the very last image. I do not often find this with websites, its rather rare. But I found it again with Coconut Milk Tea. A site with lovely romantic quotes and creamy brown and white hues. Obsessed and inspired. Check it out, when you have time!
  • "You can't beat blonde girls with brown eyes. Its just one of those things that is soft and pretty and warm and light. You optimize this fantasy." Thank you, I agree.
  • Higher Ground still has one of the best views of joburg I have ever seen! I really am a little sun baby, I feel worlds better after sitting in the sunshine soaking in the vitamin D I so desperately lust after. Mmm sun soaking!
  • I often see the moon smiling at me and wonder if you see it smiling at you too and miss us.
  • I managed to save my Moemas ginger biscuit from my Moemas Feast till Saturday. I cannot remember the last time I had one especially one as good as this. All I can say is can I have a dozen more please!? Mouth watering! Delish!
  • Someone who really likes you sees what a mess you can be, how moody you can get, how hard you are to handle, forgives your mistakes, but still wants you in their life… those are the people who will cherish and in turn be cherished because speedbumps in relationships make the road longer and the love and the journey deeper.
  • The human body is so amazing, when a pregnant woman suffers organ damage (e.g. a heart attack), the fetus will send stem cells to repair the damaged organ. So amazing. My pregnant friend was telling me these amazing facts! Just staggering.
  • YES okay I secretly sniffed you… you smell delicious are you really concerned that I wanted to get a little closer…? I knew you weren't really. Good smelling people make me weak in the knees. So Coco is odd.. like you read my blog because I'm normal… sheesh.
  • Funny when a dumb girl sends you messages on your iPhone on whatsapp and it tells you exactly who they are and they claim they are someone else and then start discussing your ex (who I do not have one bad word to say about so do not even try)... mmm... can the idiots not go through customs before they talk to me? Imprudent people should really remember my old reputation… you do not want to get onto my bad side dear, a word to the wise I now know who you are and you better back off. Yes this is a threat.
  • A little something from my favourite Tyler Knott; “Will you fight for me? Will you stand against the tide and the breaking waves?” Sigh… Where is my poet?
  • Sometimes you need to take time out from a friend to realize just how much you miss and love them. Life is too short to let go of anyone you have to work hard at trying not to miss.
  • The #275 Rule of a Lady; "Sometimes you have to walk away from what you want to find what you deserve."
  • That moment when you find out your newer friend stood up for you and fought for you against an older friend... I might have lost one but I have gained a better quality one. So grateful!
Have a gorgeous weekend daffodils, four day week for me. Too excited to get away this weekend!


PS. "Legend says, when you can't sleep at night its because you're awake in someone else's dreams." please stop dreaming about me so I can sleep… 

...tis true.


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