Weekend Learning's

Monday, 26 March 2012
Sliding to the beat of the city we live it, urban love.
A weekend as wonderful as this one calls for celebration, or just a Monday weekend learning’s, that’s celebration enough right? This is what I learned;
  • The tappas at Buddah Ta are best shared over silly conversation, “Haha nom, haha, whats that dip... Wow garlic, who did what to WHO? Calamari... Haha!”
  • I follow my heart, weather its down the right road or the wrong road, I always follow my heart.
  • Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colour-blind.
  • You know you have unique taste in music when you go from one club in heels and a cocktail dress only to change into your sneakers and T shirt for the next destination.
  • The best things in life, are not things.
  • I’m obsessing over Anthony Neil Dart, Johannesburg based Graphic Designer. I stumbled across his stuff and just. can’t. stop...
  • Winning stuff is super exciting, especially when its to Brickfields and it had something to do with Dubstep and having a seizer, weird and bizarre lovin!
  • I don't like blue flavour. Blue slushy, sies.
  • Trust the struggle, its a lesson someone bigger is trying to teach you. Mine is finally over. Happy much?
  • Jozi Town is just wonderful, I don’t really enjoy going out anywhere else anymore. Town, swallow me up please! So glad I’ve found a little town fairy to come with me!
  • Knowing what you want is the best, clearest feeling in the world.
  • The rumbling sound your stomach makes when you are hungry is called "borborygmus." LOVE! Sshhh
  • Sometimes people seem mean because they don’t realise that your mean-o-meter is a lot more sensitive than theirs... Mine is like old break pads... worn.
Have a gorgeous week feathers, I think its going to be a goodie... Loving life!


PS. By the way... I’m wearing the smile you gave me.



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